How do I Become a Career Coordinator?

Harriette Halepis

Career coordinators organize, train, and present new scholastic ideas to educational staff members. In order to become a career coordinator, you will need to possess a few key qualities. Organizational skills, the ability to analyze difficult situations, and a keen eye for detail are all essential traits for a career coordinator. These professionals perform a number of daily tasks including curriculum construction, educational assessment, and even teacher training.

Becoming a career coordinator requires an extensive academic background.
Becoming a career coordinator requires an extensive academic background.

The job of a career coordinator generally requires an extensive academic background. It is not uncommon for a teacher wishing to become a career coordinator to apply for this type of position. In most cases, coordinators must have a master's degree in education or a similar field. In addition, any person who wishes to become a career coordinator should have an in-depth understanding of current technology.

Technology plays a large role within today's classrooms. From computers to technical slide shows, it's hard not to find some type of advanced technology inside of a classroom setting. Thus, career coordinator candidates must know how to operate a computer, use advanced technical programs, and give presentations using modern technology. Enrolling in a basic technology course will give certain applicants an edge over competition.

On occasion, a career coordinator may be asked to train teachers and other staff members. In fact, some employers hire coordinators strictly for this purpose. Those wishing to become a career coordinator may want to consider specializing in this type of work by obtaining a management certificate or degree.

The vast majority of career coordinators work within primary or secondary schools, though some colleges and universities also employ this type of coordinator. Since this profession has become quite popular, competition within this field can be fierce. Those candidates who have the proper educational background, positive personal qualities, and an understanding of modern technology will often excel in this field.

If you want to become a career coordinator, the first step is to obtain an educational or administrative bachelor's degree. Next, follow up this degree with a master's degree. Finally, apply for coordinator jobs at local primary and secondary schools, colleges, and universities. Alternately, you may find some coordinator job openings listed on various job search websites.

Career coordinators enjoy long and rewarding careers, though this job is not easily attained. Frequently, coordinators that have the most educational experience are able to secure the highest paying jobs. Entry-level coordinators may begin a career in this field by seeking out a position as an assistant to a career coordinator.

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