How Do I Become a Cake Decorator?

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A cake decorator not only bakes cakes but also creates designs with frosting and other edible mediums on the cake. You can become a cake decorator by enrolling in a pastry arts or cake decorating program or by honing your skills at a local bakery. If you wish to decorate cakes as a hobby, you can take informal classes at a craft store. Practice your skills by preparing cakes for family and friends.

Learning how to decorate cakes is required before you can become a cake decorator. If you wish to become a professional decorator, you may choose to enroll in a pastry arts diploma or degree program at a culinary school. During the program, you will learn how to prepare other pastries besides cakes as well. If your goal is to become a cake decorator for fun, you may consider signing up for courses at a craft store or other informal setting. Informal courses will typically cost a lot less than earning a diploma.

Some people may not even need to take classes to learn the art of cake decoration. If you've been decorating cakes for years already and wish to take your talent to the next level, contact a local bakery to inquire about apprenticeships or internships. You may not earn money while apprenticing at a bakeshop, but you will get valuable hands-on experience that you won't get at home or in a classroom setting.


Showcase your work as a cake decorator by offering to design and prepare cakes for friends' and family members' weddings and birthdays. Decorating cakes for people you know will help you build a referral and client base. You can become a cake decorator by word of mouth. People who enjoyed your work will tell their friends about you.

Another way to let people see your talents is to enter competitions. Depending on the nature of the contest, you may have to design and bake a cake during the competition or bring a pre-made cake to be judged. Aside from showcasing your skills, if you win a competition, you'll be able to advertise that fact to potential customers.

Once you've begun to build a client base and have had sufficient training, you may wish to earn certification as a cake decorator. Typically, you can earn certification after decorating cakes for a few years and after passing an examination. The certification shows clients and customers that you are skilled and reliable as a decorator.


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