How Do I Become a Business Operations Specialist?

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Business operations specialists are professionals who try to help their organizations to improve the way that they function so that they are more efficient and achieve greater profits. A person who would like to become a business operations specialist has to finish four years of college and complete an internship to get practical field experience. He or she also can go to graduate school and pursue industry certification to make himself or herself more marketable to potential employers.

An individual who aims to become a business operations specialist needs to complete a bachelor’s degree in business administration, which typically takes four years. Requirements to enter this type of college program include submitting your high school transcript as well as results from standardized exams to your chosen school’s enrollment team. The institution also will demand to see your high school diploma or the equivalent certification along with a completed admissions application.


Business classes teach you the skills necessary to be competitive in this career area. For example, you should study subject areas such as human resource management, accounting, and project management, along with business law. These courses are important for someone who seeks to become a business operations specialist because this type of professional designs and implements programs in an effort to help his or her organization to achieve its objectives. The specialist has to know how to manage finances to make sure that initiatives are completed within a budget, how to make staffing decisions, and how to work within the confines of business regulations.

Gaining hands-on experience is valuable when striving to enter this industry. You should contact your college’s career department to see if it can connect you with a company that is willing to work with an intern who wants to become a business operations specialist. During the internship, you need to prove to your supervisors that you know how to pinpoint areas in which the company is inefficient and recommend viable solutions. The chance to highlight new organizational opportunities that will help the business to expand also is a benefit of training in a real-world establishment.

Companies often prefer people who have an advanced degree and related certification as well. After completing undergraduate school, you should consider earning a two-year master’s degree in a field such as business administration or accounting. The program will require you to complete a major exam or an extensive research project prior to graduation. Earning a graduate school degree also prepares you to pass a finance industry exam that leads to certification in this field, which further increases your employment opportunities.


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