How do I Become a Business Administrator?

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There are a number of different ways to becoming a business administrator, including working your way up in a business until you reach the top level. Simplifying this process, and perhaps speeding it up, is a college degree in business administration. This type of degree will give a general educational background that any business administrator will need in order to excel. Therefore, finding a good school and committing to it is important.

Still, despite the educational benefits, there is no substitute for practical experience. Some may find themselves in a lower position with a company they may want to have a career with even before they graduate college. This could be a very fortunate situation for any aspiring business administrator. Therefore, it is always good to check out various part-time jobs, or summer jobs, to see what best fits your interest and style.

Some may find that they can excel at a business even without a college degree, but some college is still advisable. Sometimes, being a business administrator means handling complex issues related to taxes, finances and personnel. Having a good background and understanding what some of the rules and regulations in these areas may be before being in a position of great responsibility can only help.


For those who do choose to get a degree in business administration, there may be more opportunities in various types of businesses. Whereas someone without a degree find themselves "stuck" in a certain industry, or perhaps even a certain company. Therefore, the importance of a degree, even if it may not significantly add to your practical experience, could still be an important component to the overall success of a career.

Some people who want to be business administrators may choose to go beyond a Bachelor's degree and get an advanced degree. Most will choose to get a Master's degree in business administration, also known as an MBA. Though there are some jokes about this degree, simply because it is such a popular choice, any business administrator with this degree has an advantage over the competition who may have lesser degrees, all other things being equal.

Another thing to do for those wanting to become a business administrator is to simply watch for opportunities. There will always be job postings and, if you are attending college, there could be career placement services to help land that first job. Take advantage of any opportunities for which you are qualified. Even if you turn down a job offer, you at least know what to expect and a little more about what you may be interested in.


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