How Do I Become a Building Estimator?

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The job of a building estimator includes calculating the price of construction projects. It is a high pressure job that requires a strong work ethic and mathematical skills. One way to become a building estimator is to successfully complete a bachelor’s degree program in a specialized subject relating to building estimation. Otherwise, a would-be building estimator can start as an assistant and work his or her way up. A building estimator must take responsibility for and produce accurate calculations for each project.

Qualified building estimators who can accurately determine a project’s budget are important to the construction industry. A building estimator’s job includes analyzing the cost of a construction job that is about to commence. If you are interested in becoming a building estimator, you need to be proficient at using facts and figures to reach a cost estimate.

Although most educational institutions do not have specific building estimation courses, construction estimation may be a specialized, optional topic within a degree program. A degree program may be available in the more general field of construction management. Courses relating to building estimation may also be available at a variety of technical schools and community colleges.


If you hope to become a building estimator, you will need to acquire knowledge of the cost of construction materials, labor, and procedures. To become a building estimator, it is important to have excellent mathematical skills and the ability to proofread figures for accuracy. Other skills required include an ability to operate office system software and decipher blueprints.

Most building estimator job requirements specify that candidates must have a bachelor’s degree. It is possible, however, to start from an entry-level job such as an assistant to an estimator. Assistants can work their way toward the position of building estimator.

A building estimator’s reputation depends on his or her ability to produce correct calculations at all times. The slightest error can have a serious impact on a project. There are a number of software products that deal with estimates. Becoming an expert in the use of these types of software is very useful if you want to become a building estimator.


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