How do I Become a Boxing Promoter?

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To become a boxing promoter you will want to begin by learning everything that you can about the sport of boxing, both in general and specific to the area in which you live. You should find out who the big names are in boxing at a national level and in your community, so you can get a sense of who the public likes and what kinds of fights people want to watch. There are certain legal issues you should be aware of as well, such as a need for a promoter’s license and insurance regulations. You should also start to think about how you will get financial backing for your fights; unless you have a great deal of money yourself, you will probably need to find investors.

Boxing promoters set up fights and do whatever they can to get people to come and see the fight. A boxing promoter is one part showman, one part advertiser, and one part public relations expert. To become a boxing promoter you will need to figure out how to wear all of those hats effectively and build a reputation for yourself that you can use to get fighters to let you promote them. One of the best ways to start this process is to get out to local fights and start making connections.


Go to gyms where local fighters work out, meet them during practice, and start to build relationships within the community. On a local level the fighters, trainers, and managers are probably a fairly small group of people and you will want to ingratiate yourself within this group to become a boxing promoter. This can be made easier if you have experience as a boxer and are already known within the community.

Depending on the area you live in, you may need to apply for and purchase a promoter’s license and pay a bond to the state or country to become a boxing promoter. On top of this, you will need to supply the money to rent a location, generate tickets, promote the event through marketing, hire a referee, and every other expense involved. Unless you have a great deal of money, you will likely need to find investors to help deal with the initial costs. Consider contacting local doctors, lawyers, dentists and other well-paid professionals to find people with extra income who might be interested in this type of investment.

Your first few venues may start off small, but you can use these experiences to learn and prepare yourself for bigger events where more money is on the line. To become a boxing promoter on a national level, you will need to know how to reach massive audiences to fill thousands of seats at major venues. Hone your skills as a salesperson and try to remember that you are selling the fighters, the fight itself, and the experience of the public spectacle.


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