How Do I Become a Boxing Manager?

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Spending a significant amount of time in the boxing world is perhaps the main qualification you will need if you want to become a boxing manager. You will need to develop an extensive knowledge of the sport and understand how to prepare a boxer to be successful. Aside from knowledge of the sport, however, you will need to develop business skills as well if you want to be a boxing manager. It is often a good idea to take basic business classes as well as accounting classes to prepare yourself for some of the major job duties.

In addition to ensuring the boxer stays fit and maintains a rigorous training schedule, you will need to be able to negotiate payments, market the boxer, and keep track of finances once you become a boxing manager. While no specific level of education is necessary to become a boxing manager, it is a good idea to complete at least a high school education so you will be able to develop the basic skills necessary for bookkeeping and negotiating. Taking college classes in business or accounting is also a good idea to develop the necessary skills to be successful in the job.


If you don't have any business or management experience, it is a good idea to take a job or internship as a boxing manager's assistant before you try to become a boxing manager yourself. This will give you the experience you will need to develop job skills particular to this position, and it will also afford you the opportunity to develop important relationships within the boxing world. Much of a boxing manager's job is networking and developing relationships with people who can help propel the career of the boxer, so an internship or apprenticeship will help you get ahead by developing such relationships.

As a boxing manager, you will also need to help design a training program for the boxer or boxers you represent. This means you will need to be knowledgeable about various training techniques specific to boxing. You may also need to develop knowledge regarding an appropriate diet for the boxers. As a manager, you will be responsible for keeping the boxer motivated and prepared, as well as focused on the task at hand. You are essentially part of the boxer's coaching team, so if you have no experience coaching athletes, it may be a good idea to volunteer your time with other boxers or athletes in need of guidance.


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