How do I Become a Bodyguard?

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While the position of a bodyguard may seem somewhat steeped in fiction, bodyguards are used on a regular basis every single day. Many people from executives to movie stars hire bodyguards for protection from fans and criminals alike. In order to become a bodyguard, a couple of things are necessary, including the ability to ward off numerous attackers at once.

The most important thing to strive for when attempting to become a bodyguard is physical fitness and health. While most people conjure up images of large burly men when thinking of bodyguards, this is not always the case. Instead of aiming to look like a bodybuilder, think about simply trying to become physically fit. In addition, it is a good idea to obtain some type of self defense training.

Enroll in a self defense or martial arts class, and attempt to become the best student in the class. While this may take years of practice, employers are far more likely to hire a bodyguard who has mastered a self defense skill. Even though the demeanor of a bodyguard is not often considered, there are aspects of becoming a bodyguard that are not physical.


Businesspeople who hire bodyguards do not want gruff and angry-looking people hanging around on a daily basis. Thus, a bodyguard must have the ability to blend into a scene. From a business meeting to a movie screening, bodyguards should look as though they belong in any crowd. An ideal bodyguard must be pleasant, well-spoken, and calm.

Lastly, security experts should have some firearms training. This can be accomplished by signing up for a firearms course. Some people who have had extensive military experience may also want to consider learning to become a bodyguard, since this type of training is invaluable within the guard field.

If you have gone through all of the aforementioned steps, then you may be able to become a bodyguard. Networking is the best way to find employment within the bodyguard field. Alert family and friends as to your career goals, print business cards, and begin spreading the word about your security skills.

Alternately, you may be able to become a bodyguard by applying to job openings found online, in the local newspaper, or through a job placement agency. It is possible to become a bodyguard if you have all the right skills in place. Keep in mind that beginning a career as a security expert involves a lot more than mere muscle -- fitness, personality, and combat expertise are all crucial aspects of becoming a professional guard.


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