How Do I Become a Bank Executive?

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A career as a bank executive can begin with an hourly position at a financial institution. You may want to look for a job as a customer service representative or lending officer as an entry level position. If you are able to secure one of these positions, you can apply for promotions as openings become available. Some banks offer in-house training that could help you become a bank executive. If you hold a master's degree in economics, business administration, or accounting, you may be able to apply for financial executive positions directly rather than working your way up the corporate ladder.

To become a bank executive, you will need to be familiar with virtually all aspects of running a bank. Many bank executives are promoted from within the organization, which means you may need to start at the bottom and work your way up. If you are able to secure a job as a teller you will be able to gain experience that can help you become a loan officer or collections agent. Once you have established yourself within the company, you can begin to apply for management positions to gain the experience you need to become an executive with the company.


While you are trying to work your way to the top, it can be a good idea to find out if your bank holds special seminars or training programs that might help you become a bank executive. Some of this training could help you develop leadership skills, while others might hone in on trends within the industry itself. You may also want to ask if your institution has a tuition reimbursement program so you can take college courses that can help you with your career goals. It can be a good idea to take some courses geared toward marketing and business, and others that primarily discuss financial issues.

If you already hold a master's degree, you may want to apply for bank executive jobs directly rather than trying to climb the corporate ladder. Some of these positions can be found on the Internet, but others might be filled via word-of-mouth. You may want to talk with friends or family members who work for banks in order to know when one of these jobs becomes available. Networking with people who work in the banking industry can help you become a bank executive no matter what size financial institution you would like to work at.


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