How do I Become a Bail Enforcement Agent?

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A bail enforcement agent, also called a bounty hunter, is a person who tracks and captures fugitives in exchange for a reward. Typically, a person who wants to become a bail enforcement agent has to seek jurisdiction-accepted training in the field. Additionally, a person who wants to pursue this career may need to pass an exam to secure a license as well.

Generally, most people who become bail enforcement agents work on a freelance basis. When their services are needed, a bail bondsman or bail agency hires these individuals to track down fugitives for whom they’ve provided bail. Although this career can be profitable, it can also be very dangerous, as criminals are not always willing to surrender without a fight. Despite the personal risk, however, a person in this field captures fugitives in exchange for a reward from a bail bond agency or bondsman. The reward is usually a portion of the original bail amount.


In order to prepare to become a bail enforcement agent, a person typically needs training that is approved by the authority in his jurisdiction. To discover the training requirements for his particular area, a person may contact his police department, department of insurance, or department of justice. In some cases, such authorities may provide training themselves while others may have recommended training programs to which they can refer aspiring bail enforcement agents. While not required, earning a degree in law enforcement or criminal justice may be helpful, and gaining experience in a law enforcement position, the military, or a related job may provide good preparation as well. Additionally, some people get training from established bail enforcement agents.

After meeting the educational requirements set by his jurisdiction, a person who wants to become a bail enforcement agent will usually need to obtain a license. Some places offer special licensing for these agents while others may require agents to gain licensing in a related field, such as in a type of insurance. In addition to passing an exam, a person in pursuing this career may also have to submit to a background check.

An individual who wants to become a bail enforcement agent may contact bond agencies to offer his assistance or find a job with an established bail enforcement agency. In some places, an agent who wants to be self-employed may need to provide a security bond in order to be licensed. Sometimes, however, those who work for established agencies do not have to provide these bonds. As such, some may prefer to start out working for agencies, as these bonds can require a deposit of $5,000 US Dollars (USD) or more.


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