How do I Become a Bagger?

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If you want to become a bagger at a grocery store, appearance and attitude are usually more important than experience. Supermarket managers look for neatly groomed baggers who are willing to serve customers politely. They also often hire courtesy clerks who bag groceries as part of their job description, so if you want to become a bagger you may get a job more easily if you're willing to be a store clerk.

In addition to bagging customers' purchases, a courtesy clerk is called to clean up spills in store aisles. He or she may also have to clean the store's bathroom, which could be especially unpleasant. By having the attitude and willingness to be a store clerk when applying to become a bagger, you are more likely to be chosen by the manager.

Of course, proper bagging skills are crucial in getting hired as a bagger. You should be prepared to demonstrate or mention to the hiring manager that you understand correct bagging techniques. It's also a smart idea to ask the manager about any store policies that apply to bagging customers' groceries. Doing this simple thing shows the store manager your strong interest in the position which could easily place you above other candidates.


Crucial rules for bagging groceries include not over-stuffing bags and balancing light with heavy items in each bag. Most people realize that fragile items such as eggs belong on the top of a grocery bag, but some may forget that bananas and other perishable goods should also be placed above other products so as not to become bruised. Soaps and detergents should be placed in an extra bag before being added to bags of groceries containing fresh food items. Bagging groceries according to each store's policy as well as to individual customer preferences is extremely important if you want to become a bagger.

Customer service and communication skills are crucial for grocery baggers. Stores are likely to receive many complaints if baggers are rude, non-compliant or non-communicative. Every grocery store hiring manager wants to know that each bagger he or she hires will be polite to customers. For example, a good grocery bagger has to be flexible enough to pack groceries into cloth bags that customers bring with them instead of using a typical plastic store bag.

It's easy for courtesy clerks and grocery baggers to have a negative rather than positive attitude because most are on their feet all day dealing with customers and problems. If you want to become a bagger, convincing the hiring manager of your strong customer service skills can go a long way in helping you get the job. Being a high energy person willing to work at least some evenings and weekends is also appreciated by many grocery store managers looking to hire baggers.


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