How Do I Backup an SQL Database?

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The steps necessary to backup an SQL database typically depend on the database being archived. These steps include procedures to determine the type of files to be saved and the frequency of the backup. The backup process can run on a periodic basis through automatic scripting tasks or manually from the command line. These jobs will save data to external devices, which are typically either servers or special backup tapes.

Computer databases are special software programs that store files and information for a computer application. This file system requires periodic backups to ensure data is available if the system crashes. When the user wants to backup an SQL database, he should first decide how frequently the files need to be saved. This will determine how to best implement the backup procedures.

Databases require periodic backups to ensure the data is saved onto an external device. It is fairly simple to backup an SQL database. This task can be executed from either a system administrator screen or scripted into automated processing programs. Automated programs can be scheduled to run on a specific schedule, which makes them a more reliable option.


There are several types of SQL database back-up systems. These include full, incremental, or specific file backup. These options determine what type of files will be saved and how frequently they need to be backed up. A full backup is the most complete process, but is typically only run on weekly basis. Incremental backups are run on a more frequent basis and should include the most critical files for the computer system.

Each type of database has special commands that are used to start the backup process. These commands can be run interactively in a command line interpreter or executed within special batch programs. The commands allow the user to select which database and files will be archived during the backup process.

An incremental backup is a special process used to backup an SQL database. This backup procedure captures incremental changes made to specific files within the database. The incremental process requires the creation of a full backup first, which is used as a starting point for any incremental changes.

Before beginning a backup process, it is important to ensure adequate storage devices are available to store the archived data. These devices should be secured in a safe area that is separated from the computer system. They should also be stored in a fire-resistant safe to provide additional protection in the event of a building fire.


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