How Do I Apply for Executive Assistant Jobs?

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You can apply for executive assistant jobs by preparing a resume, submitting it when open positions are announced, and interviewing for the job. The application process typically conforms to the standard procedure for most entry level positions. Some companies will require you to submit your materials by mail, and others will allow you to use email or will employ an electronic submission interface through the company's website or the website of a job search aggregator.

Most industries employ executive assistants. Applying for executive assistant jobs is initially a function of researching positions in industries related to your topical education or expertise. Although an executive assistant is part of the administrative staff of a company, it helps to understand the context of the underlying business to do efficient work. You can use a combination of online job listing sites, the human resources department of company websites, and in-person resources, such as the career development center at your university or the local library to find open opportunities.

Applying for executive assistant jobs is an exercise in packaging yourself and your credentials. The primary tool in the application process is the resume. Prepare a written resume that highlights your education and experience, particularly emphasizing skills and experiences that relate to the job. Treat the first preparation of your resume as the master version and list all relevant information, regardless of the length of the document.


Use the master resume to prepare customized versions of you resume for executive assistant job oepnings. Job announcements tend to reflect the specific needs of the person for whom you would be working. It helps to distinguish your application if your resume speaks directly to the needs identified in the announcement. Also prepare a cover letter for each application that highlights points included in the resume and speaks to your enthusiasm for the position. Submit customized packages by mail or email, as directed in the announcement.

Your master resume will also help you prepare applications for executive assistant jobs that are not handled by mail or email. Many companies employ a proprietary job application system through their website that lists current openings and allows applicants to apply directly through the Internet. This type of system will either require you to cut and paste information from your master resume into appropriate form fields to create a resume in the system or will allow you to upload your resume.

Internet job search and match companies also use an electronic system. You can use your master resume to fill out your profile in these systems and submit your credentials to employers for consideration. These systems often enable you to submit additional information, such as a photo or sample of previous work. If any of these resume application systems result in an employer electing your resume for further consideration, you will likely be asked to attend at least one interview to complete your application.


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