How do I Apply Body Glitter?

Erin J. Hill

To apply body glitter, you should first consider the look you are trying to achieve. There are varying degrees of glitter ranging from obvious and eye-catching to subtle and shimmering in nature. Consider where you will be going while wearing the glitter, and then apply a small amount to the areas you wish to accentuate. You can add more if you do not get the look you desire on the first try.

People applying body glitter to the eye area should make sure they use a safe product.
People applying body glitter to the eye area should make sure they use a safe product.

If you want to apply body glitter to the eyelids or beneath the eyes, be sure you are using a product that is specifically made for this purpose. Most times, it’s best to choose glitter that is either found within an eyeshadow or that comes in a clear or colored gel or cream. Loose glitter may be harder to apply, making it more likely to get in your eyes. Apply body glitter to the eye area, being careful to avoid the lower lid and ducts. Should any glitter get into your eyes, flush with warm water until all glitter particles are removed.

Applying glitter to the rest of the body is a little more simple than applying it to the eyes. For the cheeks and neck, you can apply a gel-based glitter or cream for easier application. Loose glitter can also be used. To allow a more even application of loose glitter, first rub lotion or moisturizer onto the area and add glitter before it has time to dry. This will allow you to move the body glitter around more easily as you finish rubbing in the lotion.

You can apply body glitter to the rest of your body in much the same way. For the easiest application, be sure to choose glitter than is meant for the body. Although using an option meant for arts and crafts is not generally dangerous, it may not provide an even distribution of glitter.

Avoid using body glitter in or around the eyes unless it is specifically made for that area, as well as near the nose, mouth, or genital area to prevent irritation. To remove body glitter, stand under a warm shower and use a rag or loofah to scrub away as much glitter as possible. More than one attempt may be needed to remove all glitter, so if you will be going somewhere that body glitter is not permitted or advisable, only apply to areas that can be hidden by clothing or use a cream-based glitter, which is easier to remove.

You should also always consider the look you are going for when applying glitter. For a more subtle appearance, you can add a small amount of finely ground glitter with your regular eyeshadow just to add a hint of shimmer. For a more attention-grabbing look, use large amounts of glitter around the eyebrows, cheeks, and shoulders. Add extra glitter to your hair in streaks to accentuate highlights.

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