How Do I Adopt a Parrot?

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You can adopt a parrot in one of several ways. If you'd like to provide a good home for an older parrot, contact a local rescue organization. Rather than purchasing a high-priced parrot from a breeder or pet store, an exotic bird rescue program can help you find the perfect bird at a nominal adoption fee. You can also adopt a parrot from a pet store or local breeder, but be certain it is a reputable source.

If you have your heart set on a particular parrot species, such as a macaw or cockatoo, it might seem logical to purchase a baby bird from a local breeder. While this method can help you acquire the bird of your choice, it can also cost a considerable amount of money. Many displaced exotic pets need a good home, so you might consider adopting a rescue parrot. Parrot rescue organizations can help you select the best species to fit your lifestyle.

For contact information and locations of parrot rescue organizations, ask your local avian veterinarian. You can also obtain more information on how to adopt a parrot by searching the Internet. Exotic bird rescue organizations can be found in many locations, and chances are there is one near you.


Before you adopt a parrot, you need to consider a few factors. If you live in an apartment, choose a small to medium sized parrot that is not very noisy. Macaws and cockatoos tend to be very loud, and they require a fair amount of time and attention.

Most Amazon parrots are very vocal, with the exception of the lilac crowned variety. This brightly colored medium sized parrot is not very loud, yet shares many attributes of the larger Amazons. When you adopt a parrot of any type, be certain you have ample space for an adequate sized cage and play stand.

When adopting a parrot from any source, follow a few simple guidelines. If the bird is housed in overcrowded or unsanitary conditions, you might be acquiring an unhealthy parrot. Inquire if the bird has been checked by a veterinarian to ensure it is free of disease. If you bring a sick bird into your household, you could risk infecting other pet birds. In addition, see how the bird reacts when you hold it on your hand or shoulder. It should not be timid or aggressive, and seem comfortable when being held.

If you acquire a bird from a rescue organization or private seller, ask for health records. If this is not possible, you should have the bird examined yourself. Before making the final plans to adopt a parrot, have an avian veterinarian perform an exam. The avian examination will typically include blood work, gram stain, and weight check. The veterinarian may also examine the parrot's droppings for signs of illness or stress.


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If this is not possible, you should have the bird examined yourself. But this will have to be done with the rescue's permission, and your own expense in advance. Rescues will not reimburse you if you refuse to take the bird after the exam. You will take a gamble to pre-vet check the parrot.

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