How do get the Best Tires Warranty?

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When searching for the best tires warranty, there are a few basic principles that will assist consumers in making a wise purchase. Each tire sold within stores has specific ratings that deal with speed, tread strength, and overall wear expectations, and each warranty is based off of those figures. For example, many budget-priced tires are expected to only remain in use under optimal conditions for 25,000 miles (40,233.6 km), so their tires warranty would be rather limited. Another factor is the dealership or retail store that is selling the tires, as some often offer extended warranties on their featured selections.

The easiest way to receive the best tires warranty is to purchase the highest-rated tires that are specified for the vehicle in question. Even though they may be among the most expensive, they should also last the longest. This is not to say that the most expensive tires are definitely the best ones to purchase, because many manufacturers also create value brands that are sold as incentives through specific dealers. While it may not be a name that a consumer would easily recognize, it is important to check the ratings to see how they compare among the other tires being sold. As a general rule of thumb, the warranty on any set of tires is normally 50 to 75% of their expected usage.


There are also a host of exclusions that apply to determining the best overall tires warranty, and consumers should be familiar with each of them. A blowout, for example, caused by any sort of spike or debris within a roadway is not always covered, but if there is not a clear indication of a puncture mark, then the company will often replace it. Tread wear is another important consideration, because if a vehicle is driven aggressively, it could violate the tires warranty altogether. Dealerships often have an insertion tool to measure the amount of tread left on the tires—if 50% of the tires remain, then up to 50% of the value would be reimbursed. Another factor is the vehicle’s alignment and tire balance, as most warranties will not replace tires that have worn unevenly due to consumer neglect.

By combining each of the benefits and limitations offered by manufacturers, it is fairly easy to determine the best tires warranty offered among the different distributors. Before heading off to any retailer, it makes sense to call ahead and verify its policies on tire repair and replacement, and then compare it to what other service centers offer within the area. After considering the brand names, tire ratings, and individual store policies available, consumers should select the set of tires that has the longest standard warranty per US Dollar (USD) spent.


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