How do Arthritis Gloves Work?

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People who suffer from various forms of arthritis often look for any type of treatment that will alleviate some of the stiffness and pain associated with the condition. One of the more recent innovations in arthritis treatment is the arthritis glove. Many people find that wearing these gloves help to restore some degree of mobility to the fingers as well as decreasing the discomfort. If you are not familiar with arthritis gloves, here are some things you should know about this line of treatment.

There are actually two different types of arthritis gloves on the market today. Both kinds are designed to help with osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and any other kind of hand arthritis. However, each model works in a slightly different manner.

One type of arthritis gloves work using infrared light rays in order to lessen the pain in arthritic joints and restore a degree of mobility to the fingers. The material of the gloves is a mixture of synthetic and natural elements that attract the infrared rays and focus them onto the joints of the hand and fingers. As the rays begin to permeate the soft tissues in the hand, they help to stimulate blood flow while bringing relief to sensitive nerves. This combination results in a reduction of arthritis pain while also easing inflammation, making it possible to have more control over the fingers.


With the alternative model for arthritis gloves, the interior of the gloves functions as both a cushion for inflamed joints and a means of keeping healing balms and salves applied to the surface of the skin. Essentially, the hands are coated with a balm designed to relieve the pain and stiffness associated with arthritis. The gloves are then slipped on and serve to keep the balm warm and moist. This helps the properties of the balm to slowly work into the skin and ease discomfort as well as make it easier to bend the fingers for such tasks as typing, gripping a coffee mug, or any of the other simple tasks most of us take for granted.

Each design of arthritis gloves have their proponents as well as their detractors. Opponents to infrared gloves claim they devices do not enhance the concentration of the sun’s infrared rays and thus have nothing more than a placebo effect. Detractors of the gloves used with the healing balm claim that special gloves do not enhance the effects of the balm at all. In fact, the same results could be achieved by applying the salve or balm and then slipping on a pair of common rubber gloves.

In spite of objections, there are people who have used these products and find them to be very effective. As a result, research continues into the efficacy of the function of each type of arthritis gloves. Companies that manufacture the gloves are also continuing research, in an effort to make their products more useful to their customers.


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Post 3

I think those things are just bunk. My friend tried some of those rheumatoid arthritis gloves, and they didn't do a thing for her.

She is really into natural medicine, and so she didn't want to take any of those arthritis drugs that her doctor gave her, so she tried the gloves. Well, they didn't work at all, and she was horribly disappointed. Eventually she ended up having to take the meds from her doctor, which really depressed her.

So although I'm not an expert on the subject or anything, I would say be careful with these things -- I would hate to see other people get disappointed like Daisy did.

Post 2

My dad uses arthritis compression gloves, and he's said nothing but good things about them. He worked as a baker for years, and when he got arthritis it was really devastating for him. Of course, he kept trying to work, but all that kneading and pounding was just murder on his hands, so he eventually had to give it up.

One of his golfing buddies suggested that he try arthritis gloves, so we just got a pair from an internet shop, thinking that we might as well try it, and if it didn't work then it was no big deal, but to our surprise, they worked really well!

Although my dad still can't knead the way he used

to, at least he's not in constant pain any more, and if he wears the gloves a lot, he can do a little light work, which really helps his mood.

So I would definitely recommend people to try them. They're really not that expensive, so if it doesn't work you're not out too much, and if it does, then you've gained a lot!

Post 1

Hello -- I was wondering if you could give me some more information about arthritis relief gloves.

My mother has recently been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, and one of her friends suggested that she try arthritis compression gloves. We thought that she was just joking -- I had never heard of gloves for arthritis! -- but after reading this I'm actually thinking that it might work.

Of course, I'm a little bit worried that we would just end up with the gimmicky ones, the ones that you said didn't work very well, so can you tell me how to choose the best arthritis gloves? I will surely be printing out this article to show to Mother's doctor to ask his opinion as well, but in the meantime, could anyone give me some more information?

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