How Difficult Was the Production Process for “Toy Story 2”?

The vast majority of the computer animation work done on Toy Story 2 was nearly lost in 1998 when one of the film’s animators, who was routinely clearing some files, accidentally started a deletion of the root folder of the movie’s data on Pixar's internal servers. When the ongoing purge was discovered, file servers were shut down, but 90% of the animation work done over the previous two years was missing. Luckily, the film was recovered when technical director Galyn Susman, who had been working from home to take care of her newborn child, realized that she had a backup copy on her home computer.

Woody and Buzz -- big hits at the box office:

  • Despite the production struggles, Toy Story 2 opened in November 1999 to strong box office numbers, eventually grossing more than $497 million USD.

  • The film was hailed by critics as one of the few film sequels to outshine the original.

  • The award-winning film was followed by another sequel, Toy Story 3, in 2010. And fans have reason to celebrate -- Toy Story 4 is expected to be released in 2019.

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I loved all the "Toy Stories". So glad 2 was rescued. There are so few movies I want to watch even once, but I notice something different every time I watch any of the Toy Stories.

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