How Difficult Is It to Maintain a Vegetarian Diet?

Data from 2015 shows that there are nearly 8 million vegetarians and vegans in the United States, but if recent research holds true, only 16% of them will continue avoiding meat on a long-term basis. The Humane Resource Council reviewed the dietary habits of 11,399 Americans and learned that 10 percent of them had previously tried going vegan or vegetarian, only to eventually give it up. Only 2 percent of the entire group had stuck to a meatless diet. The Humane Resource Council also found that, for the most part, the people who were able to maintain the diet did not do it solely for health reasons and took up the eating regimen gradually, rather than (pardon the pun) cold turkey. Reasons given for forsaking a meatless diet included not fitting in with friends and not seeing the diet as part of their identity.

Planting the seed of vegetarianism:

  • It takes 100 times more water to produce a pound (.45 kg) of meat than to produce a pound of wheat.

  • According to a study, children with higher IQs are more likely to become vegetarians at a relatively young age.

  • Benjamin Franklin is a famous example of an early American vegetarian; he introduced tofu to the United States in 1770.

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I have been vegetarian since 1976 and vegan since 2010, and what has been brought to our attention regarding producing less meat will lead to the production of more food and at the same time using less water; this being extremely relevant.

At present with the increase in population and effects of climate change, which hopefully we will be able to abate, if the current methods of producing food and consumption remain unchanged it may be that life for people in lesser well off countries will become extremely difficult, or even impossible.

Hopefully for youngsters today it will not be too difficult to acclimatize and treat not eating meat as second nature. Just as they do to using computers.

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I don't eat meat because it stinks. people who eat meat have to smother it with all kinds of crap so they can stand to eat it.

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