How Did the Kiwi Fruit Get Its Name?

The kiwi fruit has been around for a long time, but it didn't get its popular name until the 1960s. Originally grown in China, the fruit was introduced in New Zealand by missionaries in 1906. Growers in New Zealand came up with the new name for the fruit in 1962, using the kiwi bird as the inspiration. The fruit is also known as the Chinese gooseberry, the monkey peach and the sheep peach. In addition to being cultivated in New Zealand and China, kiwi fruit also is grown in the United States, Italy, Chile and South Africa.

More facts about kiwi fruit:

  • The kiwi fruit is considered an excellent source of vitamin C, and it contains moderate amounts of vitamin E and potassium. The fruit also is marketed as an excellent source of fiber.

  • There are more than 400 varieties of the kiwi fruit found in China alone. In the United States, the variety known as the Hayward is the most popular example of the fruit.

  • The kiwi fruit plant is also used in various types of alternative medicinal applications. The leaves and branches are boiled and used to treat mange in dogs. Consumption of the fruit is also thought to help alleviate various types of respiratory problems.

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This was a good summary of kiwifruit. Much more understandable than wikipedia. Being in year seven, I found this really helpful.

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