How Dedicated a Composer Was Beethoven?

Ludwig van Beethoven was a German musician and composer best known for his classical music pieces like Symphony No. 5 and Moonlight Sonata. He became acquainted with music at a very young age and became completely deaf later in life. He died in 1827 at the age of 57. Known to quarrel often with those around him, Beethoven had a lonely personal life as he never married or had children. But what kind of a composer was Beethoven? How was he able to produce music that is often regarded as masterpieces today?

It is believed that Beethoven was socially shy and short tempered. But when it came to his work as a composer, he was completely focused and hard working. His daily routine consisted of around four hours of devoted composition but he even carried music paper and a pen during his walks in case he found inspiration.

At home, Beethoven worked so feverishly at composing that he would often stop to pour cold water over his overworked brain. Beethoven was fond of bathing and washing in general and could bathe for long periods, humming notes and composing music throughout the process. In fact, his washing habit strained his relationship with his neighbors and landlord on more than one occasion.

More about Beethoven:

  • Beethoven founded a whole new type of classical music with his compositions, called "Romantic."

  • Beethoven had a tough childhood. His father subjected him to harsh discipline and violence during his music studies.

  • Beethoven continued to compose after going deaf. In fact, he composed many of his most famous works during this time.

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