How Common Is Blonde Hair Color in Women?

Blonde hair color in women naturally occurs in around one out of every 20 white American women and Northern European women; however, when artificial hair coloring is taken into account, approximately one out of every three women have blonde hair. While blonde hair mainly only occurs in those with Northern European heritage, the Solomon Islands located off the coast of Papau New Guinea has a rate of around 10% blondes with dark skin. Scientists believe that blonde hair may be the result of a mutation in the genes that control the development of hair follicles in the skin.

More about blonde hair color:

  • Unlike red hair, which is the result of a genetic variation that often comes with fair skin and light eyes, the genetics behind blonde are actually not thought to be connected to eye color.

  • The chemical process used in the 1930s to dye hair blond was so harsh, it would often cause eyelid swelling and blisters on the forehead.

  • In 1867, the discovery of the dying properties of hydrogen peroxide led to the birth of artificially coloring hair blonde.

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