How Clean Are Hotel Rooms?

The cleanliness of motel or hotel rooms depends largely on the training of its housekeeping staff and the time and tools provided for cleaning. One investigation showed that TV remotes and lamp switches had more bacteria on them than almost any other items in hotel rooms, likely because people touch these items regularly and they are rarely cleaned. People who travel frequently should also be aware that hotel comforters or bedspreads might not be changed on a regular basis, drinking glasses might not be properly washed, and even room service menus might harbor germs.

More about cleanliness in hotel rooms:

  • It is possible for cleaning staff members to unwittingly spread bacteria throughout hotel rooms by using the same cleaning tools, such as sponges or rags, in multiple areas of the rooms.

  • Hotel water purification systems can sometimes eliminate antimicrobial agents, such as chlorine, which might allowing bacteria to form in the building's water supply.

  • Some hotels give guests plastic-wrapped, disposable drinking cups to prevent contamination.

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