How can You Go About Lowering Cholesterol with Your Diet?

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Lowering cholesterol with your diet requires greatly reducing the amount of saturated fat you ingest while greatly increasing your consumption of foods that are naturally low in fat and void of cholesterol. Eating foods that are rich in soluble fiber also has proved to be an effective way of lowering cholesterol with your diet. Foods that contain high amounts of soluble fiber also are low in fat and free of cholesterol. The addition of raw garlic to foods consumed regularly to combat high levels of low-density lipoprotein (LDL) — the "bad" form of cholesterol — has stood the test of time and is highly recommended.

Cholesterol levels are primarily affected by the ingestion of saturated fat, which is abundantly found in meats, egg yolks, full-fat dairy products, coconuts and some nuts, such as macadamia nuts. Lowering cholesterol with your diet cannot be achieved without reducing consumption of these foods. Some tips that you can put into practice include eating egg whites instead of the whole egg, eliminating red meats until cholesterol levels are returned to normal and choosing dairy products that have 1-2 percent fat. Fat-free dairy products should be avoided because some fat is necessary for the proper absorption of the mineral calcium.


You also can go about lowering cholesterol with your diet by preparing meals made with fresh fruits, vegetables and heirloom grains that, preferably, have been organically grown. These wholesome foods are not only rich in nutrients, they also are naturally low in fat, high in soluble fiber and free of cholesterol. Heirloom grains include spelt, kamut, barley, millet and quinoa. Soluble fiber helps to bind fats in the intestines, preventing them from entering the bloodstream and raising your levels of bad cholesterol.

Foods that are rich in soluble fiber include oatmeal, beans, peas, oat bran and citrus fruits. One way of lowering cholesterol with your diet by consuming foods rich in soluble fiber is to use them to make dishes you enjoy. For example, many people enjoy chili, a dish that can be made with beans and a very small amount of turkey or chicken instead of a red meat, or it can be a vegetarian dish. Citrus fruits can be used to make tasty fruit salads topped with low-fat yogurt, or a smoothie can be prepared in a blender. Fruit salads should contain no more than three different kinds of fruits.

The addition of raw garlic is another very effective way of lowering cholesterol with your diet. It can be added to dishes such as vegetable salads and chili. Some people prefer to juice one or two cloves when they make fresh carrot juice, then add them together, which creates a surprisingly pleasant taste for many people.


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