How can I Trace Cell Phone Numbers?

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From time to time, people wonder how easy it is to trace cell phone numbers. In fact, there are several resources that may be employed to find out who is using a cell phone to call your home or cell number. Here are a few options that consumers have available to trace phone numbers that originate with a cell phone exchange.

One of the first resources to utilize to trace cell phone numbers is the Internet. Try a simple search on the cell phone number and see what comes up. Alternatively, there are free cell phone directories that are available on the Internet. While the level of information that can be obtained from these directories is somewhat limited, the free directory will often include data regarding the current carrier associated with the cell phone number, and the city of origin. Keep in mind that in an era when number portability makes it possible for people to move to new locations and retain a cell phone number issued in another part of the country, the information obtained from a free directory may be outdated.


However, there are a number of up to date cell phone directories that may be accessed online. All that is required to trace cell phone numbers using this resource is to pay a fee. In some cases, this is a monthly subscription charge that allows unlimited use of the directory. Other directory services offer a pay per search option. Phone numbers included in these online directories are updated regularly, and tend to be very accurate. In addition, the information will often include the name and address of the current user of the cell phone number, which can be very helpful if the point of the search is to stop unwanted calls.

A third resource to trace cell phone numbers involves hiring a private investigator to locate the current user of the cell phone number that continues to call. This alternative can be costly, but if the use of online resources does not yield any results, hiring a professional may be the only solution. Private investigators often have resources within the telecommunications industry that allows access to public records that are not easily found online. This means that unless the caller has gone to great lengths to mask his or her identity, the investigator will be able to trace cell phone numbers calling your home or cell phone in a very short period of time.


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Post 27

Can I find out someone's location by only having their cellphone number, without any scams or crap?

Post 20

We want to trace cell phones that come in and out of our apartment complex. Is there a program that can do this? We don't want to see what they do outside the complex, just when they are in it. Does anyone know of a technology that can do this?

Post 18

How can I find a changed mobile number? If a person changed their number, how do I get the new one?

Post 15

Several web sites offer reverse phone lookup searches. Just be careful of scams that have trial services. Read the fine print. You can also try entering the number in Google as they have some info too.

Post 14

Yes, you may track cell phone numbers. There are several websites that offer that kind of service since people today often received unknown calls (prank, telemarketers). I mean, who wants to get called when you're in the middle of something, right?

Recently, my sister encountered a prank caller. The minute the call was finished my sister immediately regarded to a website which can trace phone numbers and had it permanently blocked and reported.

Post 13

looking for a little help folks concerning a website that does tell you who has called a particular phone number. I've seen it once before, then the computer crashed and whoops! the website went with it. it's been a long time since and I still cannot find that site. it did show every caller's phone number that called that particular number. Anyone know?

Post 12

I agree with the information provided by Malcolm and can say with experience that the quickest, cheapest and most reliable way to find out owner information of a cell phone number is a paid reverse cell phone directory. By paying a small fee you can rest assured that you are getting access to the most up to date information available with instant results.

Post 11

i want to trace a cell phone to a location even if the phone is off. can i do this?

Post 10

How can i trace an indian mobile number, address and service location?

Post 7

how can i find out phone numbers on others' cell phones that where they have dialed?

Post 6

That is going to depend on your previous carrier. Make sure the option is activated and then get specific instructions from the carrier. If for some reason you do not wish to speak with your former provider, then your current provider in India can probably evaluate your phone and previous plan and tell you what must be done. Depending on the configuration, it may be very easy to do this, but there are some carriers that go our of their way to make this process inconvenient.

Post 5

how can i use nokia 6255 cdma and it has sim option phone its network is telecom in swiss now i am in india i want to change the network and use it with sim card.

Post 4

Prepaid cell phone numbers are especially hard to trace. They may not show up even if you engage a paid service to locate the listed owner. And also keep in mind these prepaid deals are sometimes used short term, so even if you get a name, it may be a previous user. Your best bet is to try to determine which service provider has control of the number and see if they will provide with information. Keep in mind this is a long shot.

If you have a phone that can be unlocked, your current service provider can supply you with details on how to accomplish this task.

Post 3

How can one unlock phones?

Post 1

How do I trace a prepaid cell phone number to the purchaser?

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