How can I Teach Myself to Juggle?

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In order to learn how to juggle, you will need to start off slowly. First, you need to take one ball and throw it from one hand to the next in an arc pattern. The ball should be located at about eye level when it reaches the top of the arc. This will get you prepared for the next step in learning how to juggle.

After you have mastered this first exercise, the next step in learning how to juggle is to place one ball in each of your hands. Toss the first ball from your right hand to your left hand. Be sure to maintain the arc pattern learned in the first exercise. When the ball reaches the top of the arc, toss the ball from your left hand to the right hand. The first ball you tossed should arrive in your left hand almost immediately after you toss the ball you were holding in your left hand. Then, use your right hand to catch the ball that you threw from your left.


Continue practicing this exercise until you are comfortable throwing and catching the balls. This is a key step in learning how to juggle. Also, alternate between starting the exercise with your right hand and starting it with your left hand. It is important for both of your hands to operate smoothly when you juggle. Be careful to never throw both balls at the same time or to throw the balls in a circular pattern, as this is not the proper pattern to use when you juggle.

Now that you have mastered tossing two balls, it is time to learn how to juggle three balls. To juggle three balls, you will need to place two balls in one hand and one ball in the other. The two balls should be placed in your dominant hand. Get the juggle pattern started by tossing one of the two balls to the other hand in an arc pattern, just as you did in the first exercise.

Once the first ball reaches the highest point in the arc, throw the single ball in your other hand toward the hand you started with. You will catch the first ball immediately afterward, just like you did in the second exercise. Now, throw the remaining ball in an arc pattern and catch the second ball you tossed. To continue the juggle pattern, toss the opposite ball in the air every time the ball in the air reaches the top of the arc.


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