How can I Stop Runs in my Stockings?

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The first step to stop runs in your stockings is to buy the right ones. Invest in a quality pair, preferably one with reinforced toes. High-quality stockings will be more expensive, but you will have the peace of mind of knowing they will not fall apart the first time you wear them. Alternatively, look for the words "runguard" or "run guard" in the packaging, which indicates a special knitted area that surrounds the toes and helps stop runs that originate at the base of the foot.

When you are putting the stockings on, be aware of your environment and stay clear of rough edges or surfaces that can snag the stockings. Be extra careful if you have long fingernails. With normal wear and care, a pair of stockings should last a minimum of six months. To extend the life of stockings and stop runs even before they start, there are many things that can be done, starting with hand washing them rather than dumping them into a washing machine. Avoid bleach, as it contains harsh chemicals that damage the fine structure of stockings. Lie flat to dry if at all possible, or hang over a towel so the stockings do not acquire any creases. When storing stockings, keep them away from metal hooks, such as the ones in bras, jewelry, and basically anything that can get tangled in the fine material.


While there is no logical explanation for it, many people swear that keeping your stockings in the refrigerator will stop runs or help avoid them. According to them, freezing and thawing the stockings prior to the first use seems to work even better, preventing snags and making the material more resistant to runs.

The secret to stop runs that already exist is to catch them early. The more you delay in acting, the more chance the run will reach all the way up your legs. Clear nail polish will stop runs immediately if applied at both ends of it. Once the nail polish hardens, it will also become invisible. If you do not have nail polish available, hair spray can also work. Simply apply over the whole length of the run and let dry.


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Post 5

The first nylon stockings were indestructible and could last a lifetime. Then, as we see with electronic goods today, companies got wise and began to build in obsolescence and weaken the fibers with chemicals, so now nylons run and have to be replaced, sometimes almost as soon as we put them on.

A simple search will show that the same thing happened to light bulbs. The first light bulbs were made to last thousands of hours. more, Livermore CA celebrates a bulb that’s been burning straight for 109 years.

Post 3

I've read that rinsing stockings with vinegar also makes them stronger and prevents runs.

Has anyone tried it and did it work?

Post 2

There aren't many options out there for stopping runs. Nail polish has been mentioned. It works but it is visible. And if the run has become pretty large by the time you noticed it, you aren't going to be comfortable in it even if you stop it from running further.

Until they make super strong 100% run-resistant stocking (which I think should have been made a long time ago), your best bet is to try to prevent runs from happening. I think jewelry is evil when it comes to stockings, long necklaces and pointy rings especially. Just don't wear them or be extremely careful.

Post 1

Clear nail polish is the best tip! I wore a uniform to school and I remember I was so upset one morning because my stockings got caught up on a nail and started running. My mom came with clear nail polish and saved it.

I also roll my stockings and place it in a bag after I wash and dry it. Sometimes it can get caught up on stuff inside the closet or drawer. So that's a good way to prevent runs. And be careful when you're pulling your stockings up after you wear them. I completely ruined one that way on the first wear.

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