How can I Stop Panic Attacks?

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Panic attacks are often described as intense feelings of dread or doom that produce physical symptoms that may resemble those of a heart attack. Panic attacks can be frightening, but there are ways to put a stop to them. You may, for example, seek treatment with medication and therapy to stop panic attacks. You may also try methods of self-help when you are attempting to stop panic attacks. For example, you may use relaxation techniques, work to focus your attention on something else, or even concentrate on breathing normally to stop panic attacks.

In many cases, medication is used to stop panic attacks. If you have been diagnosed with panic attacks or a type of panic disorder, your doctor may prescribe antidepressants to treat and help prevent symptoms. There are several different types of antidepressants that may be used as treatment and prevention, and your doctor will likely choose the one that is best for you. Sedatives may be used in treating panic attacks as well. In fact, they may be particularly helpful as treatment when a person is in the throes of a panic attack.


Sometimes using medication to control panic attacks involves trial and error. This means a doctor may have you try various medications to see what works best for you. You may, for example, try a particular antidepressant for a time and then move on to try something different if it doesn’t seem to be effective. In some cases, a doctor will even recommend a combination of medication to produce the desired effect.

Therapy may also prove helpful when you are trying to put a stop to panic attacks. A skilled counselor may help you to better understand panic attacks and discover why you are having them. He may be able to help you become more aware of your thoughts and feelings. Therapy may also help you find new and better ways of dealing with stress. Over time, you may find that therapy brings about a reduction in panic attacks; in fact, they may eventually stop completely.

While medication and therapy may eventually help to stop panic attacks, you may need to deal with them on your own in the meantime. Among the things you can do at home are avoid alcohol and drugs; exercise; get enough sleep; and consume a healthy diet. All of these things may serve as prevention for panic attacks. When you think a panic attack is beginning, however, you may use relaxation techniques and attempt to divert your attention to something else. Concentrating on breathing may also help you to stop, or at least cope with, a panic attack.


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I myself have had a hard time trying to stop panic attacks. However, I noticed that once I started exercising and eating more healthy I was able to get rid of them with ease. Taking a cold shower afterward adds to the benefit as well.

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