How can I Savor Autumn?

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The crisp days of autumn can be savored in many ways. You can enjoy seasonal autumn foods such as pumpkins and apples. You can enjoy the sights of the colorful leaves by taking some time to go outside for walks and enjoy the beauty of the colorful leaves still on the trees. Autumn sunshine can be quite pleasant, and studies show it only takes about 10 minutes of sunlight to help the body absorb Vitamin D. You can savor autumn's leaves by collecting leaves on a dry day for making crafts for Christmas gifts or to use in your home's decor.

There are many craft sites on the Internet as well as craft books at your local library that can give you many ideas for making crafts with autumn leaves. For example, gluing arrangements of leaves to the bottom halves of white pillar candles and tying some raffia on the lower parts of the candles is one simple craft idea that can result in attractive gifts. Usually, you need to first press the dry leaves in the pages of a heavy book before working with them. You can savor autumn evenings by warming up by the fire and perhaps working on your leaf crafts to make for Christmas or other gifts.


Enjoying seasonal comfort foods such as desserts made with apples and pumpkins is another great way to savor autumn. Apples are usually very plentiful in the autumn months and picking apples can be a nice way to enjoy a crisp autumn day. But, even if you don't pick the apples first, you can still make dishes such as apples crisps or apple or pumpkin pies. Contrasting the chilly, damp weather with a kitchen filled with the warm aroma of cinnamon is a delicious way to savor autumn.

Wearing a new sweater is both a good way to stay warm and a good way to enjoy autumn fashion. Even if you’re on a budget, you can have fun searching for a sweater you’ll love among ones you probably won’t at your local secondhand store. Buying a new sweater in autumn is a good investment, as you’ll also be able to wear it right through winter.


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