How can I Repaint Wicker Furniture?

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Wicker or rattan furniture is a wonderful addition to any patio or deck. It also takes a good deal of maintenance to remain beautiful. One way to keep your furniture looking fabulous is to repaint.

When you repaint wicker, be sure that the wicker is clean and completely dry. Use a rag and mild soap to clean your furniture. Once clean, consider waiting a day and letting the furniture dry in the sun to ensure that the wicker or rattan is dries thoroughly. A toothbrush or a paint brush, with the bristles cut halfway lengthwise, will help in tight spaces.

There is no need to strip natural furniture when you repaint wicker. If your furniture’s finish has been chipped due to age or natural wear and tear, you might consider a clear finish before you paint. If the furniture is discolored, use oil based stain before applying a new coat of clear finish.

Due to the nature of natural wicker, it will soak up pigment once painted. If this is the case, it is not likely that you’ll be able to remove the color completely. Wicker will soak up even more pigment if you use a stripping agent. Instead vigorously brush off any clumps of paint and sand any rough spots from your furniture.


Now your furniture is clean, dry, sanded, and ready to be repainted. You can choose to use a sprayer or spray paint cans. Spray paint cans seem to be a better choice since you can apply paint more evenly. Polyurethane is a good choice for plastic wicker. However, when it dries it is similar to hard plastic which will crack with the natural flexibility of real wicker.

When you start to repaint wicker, remember to spray lightly. Go slow to avoid dripping. Start at the top and work your way down with quick touches of paint until you’ve completely covered your piece of furniture. Don’t forget to only use spray paint in a well ventilated area. Once you’re done, let your furniture dry completely before using. It takes a little work to repaint wicker, but the end results are worth it.


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Post 2

@Pippinwhite -- It's amazing what spray paint is good for! It's certainly the cheapest option for repainting wicker! Have you priced house paint recently? Unreal. You probably painted all that furniture for under $50, too.

My aunt is one of those people who has to have a "professional" do everything. I know her furniture didn't look a bit better than mine does after the pro repainted it and charged her a fortune to do it. I spent about $30 on paint and labor was free. Spray paint is good stuff. Unfortunately, you can't paint a house or a car with it, but you can paint nearly anything else!

Post 1

A can of spray paint is absolutely the best way to repaint wicker furniture. I helped my cousin repaint her wicker and it was easy. We just got the paint clumps off the furniture with a wire brush and she vacuumed up the residue with a shop vac.

We weren't changing the color -- it was white -- so we just sat the pieces in the back yard, shook up the cans and started spraying. For a chair, a rocker and a loveseat, I think it took a couple of hours for two coats. It wasn't any problem at all. I'd hate to try to repaint wicker with a brush. I don't think it would work very well.

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