How can I Remove Underarm Hair?

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There are many different ways to remove underarm hair, and it can be shaved, waxed, or chemically sloughed off. There are laser and electrolysis hair removal options as well. You could even remove hair from under your arms by plucking it.

Shaving is a fast but temporary method for removing underarm hair. This method involves cutting the hair off at the skin’s surface. When you remove underarm hair by shaving, it tends to grow back rather quickly, requiring you to shave new growth all over again. There are many different types of razors or shavers on the market, including electric shavers, which some people prefer because they eliminate the risk of being nicked or cut.

Waxing is another popular method used to remove hair from the underarms. With this method, warm wax is spread over the area. As the wax cools, it solidifies around the hair. Once the wax is cooled, it is pulled off very quickly, moving away from the direction of natural hair growth. This motion pulls the hair out of the follicles. Some discomfort may be felt when the wax is removed from the skin.


Plucking, pulling the hair out with tweezers, is another possibility for removing underarm hair. In order to do this, the hair must be long enough to grab and hold with tweezers. Generally speaking, this method of hair removal is not very practical for the underarms, as it takes a long time to accomplish. Furthermore, many people find plucking in the sensitive underarm area uncomfortable.

Some people choose to remove underarm hair by using depilatories, chemicals designed to dissolve unwanted hair. Typically available in cream, spray, or liquid form, a depilatory is spread or sprayed on the underarm area and allowed to sit for a period of time. Once it has done its job, usually in less than 15 minutes, it is wiped or rinsed off, leaving hairless skin behind. Sometimes, these chemicals can cause skin irritation.

Electrolysis may also be used on the underarms. This method uses an electric current to destroy the hair follicle. It removes hair permanently, but may require several treatments, as hair follicles may survive the first try. Electrolysis is time-consuming, as it is necessary to treat each hair follicle separately.

Laser hair removal is another method used to get rid of underarm hair. It involves using beams of light to destroy the hair in a follicle. This method is not permanent, but is considered long lasting. Serious complications can occur with laser hair removal, but are rare.


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Post 15

you should be very careful when removing hair under the arms as I've got glands underneath the skin.

Post 14

i have hair on my face and i am worried about it. i want to remove it permanently. please tell me how.

Post 13

Can i remove my underarm hair with a razor?

Post 11

Will waxing leave my skin like there is no hair and smooth? Should I put non-scented lotion/conditioners to prevent rough skin?

Post 10

i want to wear sleeveless dresses but i have thick hair on my underarms. I'm not willing to do laser. tell me the solution.

Post 9

it's better to wax because when you wax, dead skin will also come off, thus making underarms look lighter. plus it grows after two weeks or so.

Post 8

my undrearms look black even after shaving. Please help.

Post 7

my undreams look black even after shaving. Please help.

Post 6

hi, i have lot of hairs on my face. After shaving, below eyes and up to nose there are lot of hairs i can find. hmmm. please help me how to remove it permanently.

Post 5

when i shave my underarms and pubic area i am always left with matter what i use razors or creams it is always the same it can be embarrassing to wear sleeveless tops and also my underarms also get irritated as well as my pubic at my wits end any suggestions please

Post 4

after i shave my underarm hair, it grows back just after a couple of hours! it's not because of the razor since it is new. what am i doing wrong?

Post 3

when i use a depilatory cream it doesn't remove all of leaving small stub like things behind. what can i do?

Post 2

bleeding is natural when you wax; doesn't always happen but it can, after all you're pulling hair out from the root... but bruises are something you should be worried about.

the funny thing for me is it hurts more to pluck eyebrows than underarm (which is not recommended, it's true it takes a long time)

Post 1

when i remove the underarms with the help of waxing cream it will start bleeding may i know the reason why it starts bleeding?

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