How Can I Remove Throat Warts?

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Throat warts are initially treated using laser removal techniques, surgery, or liquid nitrogen treatments in patients whose warts are painful or uncomfortable. Those without these symptoms may be given no treatments to remove the warts themselves, but they are often given medication to help prevent their recurrence. These warts are caused by a form of human papillomavirus (HPV), so they can't be kept at bay indefinitely, but there are medicines that can help lessen the number of breakouts.

Throat warts are caused by the same virus which causes genital warts and they are also considered a sexually transmitted infection. They are spread through oral sex with an infected partner, much in the same way that genital warts are spread. Like all forms of HPV, they are not curable and most individuals who acquire this infection will have recurrent breakouts throughout their lives. Medications are available that can help prolong the periods between breakouts, but there are no medications that can completely kill a virus.

In many cases, removal of throat warts is not necessary. They are often very small and may not cause any discomfort. Other times, itching or even severe pain may occur. For those with these symptoms, the warts can removed using surgical methods and laser removal. If only a few warts are present, liquid nitrogen can also be used to freeze the warts off. After the initial removal, patients may be given ongoing medication.


The type of HPV that causes throat warts can eventually lead to cancer of the esophagus, throat, or mouth. It can easily and quickly destroy the delicate tissues in these areas. Cancer of the throat can be fatal if not caught and treated early.

Throat warts usually have a white exterior and they typically occur in clumps that resemble cauliflower. Although this is their most common appearance, they can have a variety of appearances. Anyone who experiences multiple bumps in or around the mouth or throat should be tested for HPV virus. This is especially true for those who have engaged in risky sexual behavior.

Although it can't be cured, HPV can be prevented when proper precautions are taken. Those who are not in a monogamous relationship should also use condoms during intercourse as well as during oral sex. Latex condoms are the most effective birth control method available for the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases. Those in a committed relationship should be tested for all diseases and they should have their partners tested as well.


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Post 4

This is freaking me out. I have to have the surgery this morning and of course, being already terrified, I never asked which kind. But all of the methods you people are describing are horrifying options!

Post 3

Does anyone know if any of these removal methods reduce the likelihood of getting HPV throat warts again?

My sister is going to have some warts removed next week with laser treatment, but she still has some doubts. Would freezing the warts be better?

Post 2

@MikeMason-- I agree with you. It's relatively easy and less painful to remove warts on skin, but it's harder to remove throat and mouth warts.

I had mine surgically removed six months ago. It was not too bad. I just had a sore and painful throat for a while but managed with pain relievers.

There is also a removal method called LEEP. I think it stands for "loop electrosurgical excision procedure." My doctor told me about it and said that a hot wire is used to remove the warts. I opted for a regular surgical removal. But if I get throat warts again, I might go for the LEEP method next time.

Post 1

I had to have genital HPV warts removed with liquid nitrogen and it was not fun. I can't even imagine how difficult and uncomfortable it must be to have throat warts removed this way. I think I would definitely opt for surgical or laser removal if I had to.

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