How can I Remove Hair Tangles?

Nychole Price

Tangled hair can make a person's morning routine dreadful. The process of combing out hair tangles can be a painful and tedious process that requires patience and a high pain threshold. There are several things a person can do to make removing knots easier.

Using a good shampoo and conditioner regularly can often help eliminate tangles.
Using a good shampoo and conditioner regularly can often help eliminate tangles.

One way to remove hair tangles is to apply a large amount of extra moisturizing hair conditioner, after shampooing. Allow the conditioner to remain in the hair for at least three minutes. After allowing it to set, comb through the hair with a wide tooth shower comb. Start at the bottom of the hair and work upward, removing hair tangles in the process. Run the comb through the hair, while rinsing out the conditioner.

Using a generous amount of conditioner helps detangle hair.
Using a generous amount of conditioner helps detangle hair.

If washing and conditioning the tangled hair isn't an option, apply a leave-in conditioner to the hair. Apply generously, making sure to spray the underside of the hair as well. Work through the hair tangles, starting at the bottom and working upwards. Once the tangles are removed, smooth out the hair with a fine tooth comb and style as usual.

Long hair may require extra care, as it tangles easier. Use a hair detangling solution and apply to each individual knot. With a wide tooth comb, work through the individual tangles, until all knots are removed. Apply extra detangler as need. Once the tangles are removed, apply a leave-in conditioner and comb gently through the hair.

People with excessive amounts of hair tangles would benefit from having a partner remove the knots. Another person can see the tangles and remove them more efficiently, with less pain. It can be difficult, if not impossible, to see the back of one's own head.

Hair tangles are usually the worst in the morning, especially after a restless night. When tossing and turning on the pillow, hair tends to tangle together. This can be prevented by wearing your hair in braids at bedtime. Braids will prevent tangles from forming, making the hair easier to comb through in the morning.

When hair is allowed to hang free during physical activity, it forms large amounts of knots, due to it swinging around. Try wearing hair in a tight ponytail, bun or braids to prevent it from getting tangled and forming knots. Braids work best, as the hair strands are tightly woven together and can't wrap around one another to form knots.

Styling products such as hair spray, gel and mousse can increase the frequency and amount of hair tangles. These products tend to dry out the natural oils in hair and makes it stick together. It is best to avoid these products if your hair is prone to tangles.

Using a wide toothed comb to work out tangles can help minimize damage to the hair.
Using a wide toothed comb to work out tangles can help minimize damage to the hair.

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If you struggle with very tangled hair, never go to bed with your hair wet. Your hair will become very matted and it will become very tangled as it dries when you sleep. Shower in the morning or make sure your hair is completely dry before you hit the sack at night.


This is such a serious article, every reader should really pay attention to what you are advising. Severely Matted And Tangled Hair Has Become New Causes of Hair Loss And Baldness In Women.

For most women, severely tangled hair was not an issue of concern until they experienced hair loss and pre-mature balding.

We suggest the Take Down Remover for detangling and hair restoration. Conditioners are not always effective on every head. The Take Down Remover was specifically designed to detangle and save hair.

Women call us in fear, depressed with tears, self blame and loss of self esteem because they have been concealing knots or clumps of matted hair –i.e. ‘birds nest’ in their hair for weeks and they don’t want to go bald.

Please take not that unexpected hair loss and balding has been triggered early due to incidents with unsympathetically matted and tangled hair.

It is so very true that matted or tangled hair can be caused by illnesses, hospitalizations, improper removal of braids, hair extensions, unhealthy hair maintenance, improper use of hair products as perms, dyes, gels, relaxers and sprays-women cannot allow their hair to remain in a matted /tangled state for long periods of time.

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