How can I Remove Belly Fat?

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When it comes to the decision to lose weight, one of the deciding factors for many people is the presence of a lot of belly fat. As the stomach begins to hang over the belt, people begin to seriously consider the need to begin getting some type of exercise and paying more attention to diet. As they quickly discover, the desire to remove belly fat must be followed with a commitment to make lifestyle changes that will result in losing excess weight and pulling the individual away from a state of obesity.

First, it is important to realize that there is no natural way to remove belly fat without simultaneously losing fat from other parts of the body as well. As you adjust your diet and lifestyle in order to reduce fat in your body, it will begin to disappear from your face, neck, chest, and other parts of the body in proportion to your stomach. Keep this in mind, as it will help you stay away from fad diets that claim to only target belly fat.


A second consideration is to take a long hard look at the way you eat. The goal to lessen belly fat along with fat in other parts of the body begins with good nutrition. That means cutting back on fast food, fried foods prepared at home, and in general, foods with a high starch or fat content. What you want to begin doing is reduce your intake of fat so that your body will begin to use the fat already in storage to convert into energy. As you begin to eat more lean meats and fresh vegetables, your body will draw on fat cells for energy and begin to shrink them.

One strategy that many people use to remove belly fat is to abandon eating three large meals a day. Instead, they choose to consume five to six smaller meals spaced out at regular intervals. By consuming smaller portions more frequently during the day, the body’s metabolism is stimulated and hunger pangs are kept at bay. There is a good chance you will find that this method helps you to actually consume less food over the course of the day, simply because you don’t get hungry.

Along with changing your dietary habits, there is also the need to abandon a sedentary lifestyle. Many people spend the bulk of their workday in a seated position, then sit while traveling home only to sit at a table or settle into a comfortable chair before retiring for the evening. If you are serious about your desire to remove belly fat, you must get up and move around.

Begin by walking around your neighborhood each day, gradually building up to at least a thirty-minute walk. As your endurance increases, you can add other simple exercises to your routine as well as enjoy longer walks. The exercise will not only help your body utilize stored fat for energy; it will also enhance your heart rate, improve your mood, and in general help to enhance how you feel. At the same time, you will remove belly fat and begin to like what you see in the mirror each morning.


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Post 2

Eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly are all important aspects of reducing belly fat. However, there are other factors that can contribute to belly fat.

Believe it or not, genetics can actually play a huge role in your ability to lose weight in your midsection. Some people are just born with a faster metabolism than others and burn calories quicker. Other factors including lack of sleep can also contribute to belly fat.

Post 1

Excellent article- I agree that exercise and a healthy diet plan will reduce fat everywhere in the body including the belly. Strength training, swimming and running are excellent exercises that burn the most fat.

Sit ups are good for toning the abdominal muscles but this won’t burn belly fat. Intense exercise and a proper diet will. For example, I have never seen a heavy runner or swimmer. There is a reason for that.

In addition focusing on a low carb diet free of starchy and sugary foods also helps to eliminate the belly fat. Following a South Beach diet or a Weight Watchers core program provide the best results.

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