How Can I Remove a Heel Callus?

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If you have spotted a dry scaly patch on your heel, it is likely you have a heel callus. Calluses are most common along the toe and heels. There’s no need to run out to your local nail spa to get rid of a callus; you can remove it by giving yourself a pedicure at home.

Home pedicures are relaxing and can easily be added to your beauty regimen to remove your heel callus and maintain the healthy appearance of your feet. You will be in sandals in no time. Start your pedicure by soaking your feet in warm water. There are foot spas that can be purchased for home use, but if you are short on cash, a basin will work.

Soaking your feet in warm water is not only relaxing, but also softens the skin to help you to easily remove the callus. You should soak your feet for 15 to 20 minutes. Warm water alone will do just fine but if you would like to take your pedicure up a notch, you can add essential oils or bath salts to the basin before soaking your feet.


After soaking your feet, you will need to massage a callus softener onto your heels. The softener should be applied on both feet. A cream softener will help you remove the heel callus more easily and will also help prevent calluses from developing in the future. Heel softeners can be purchased at local drug stores as well as select spas and nail salons.

Regular use of a pumice stone can also help you keep your feet callus free. The pumice stone should always be wet before rubbing on the feet. After soaking your feet and softening the callus, you can rub the pumice stone on your heel in a circular motion until you no longer feel the callus. If you have a heavy buildup of callused skin on your heel, you may need to dip your foot and the pumice back in the water and rub the area again. Be careful not to scrub the callus too hard; scrubbing too aggressively can result in a tear in the skin.

After using the pumice, the heel callus should be gone but your feet may be dry and tender. Follow up by applying a thick moisturizer. You will want to apply more moisturizer on the parts of the skin where you are more prone to develop calluses. Regular use of a quality moisturizer and weekly home pedicures will be a treat for your feet and help you keep calluses in check.


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