How can I Relieve Yeast Infection Itching?

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A person can treat yeast infection itching using an over-the-counter treatment, such as a cream or suppository, or by using a home remedy. Before treating a yeast infection, a person should check with her doctor to make sure the symptoms being experienced are actually caused by yeast. The doctor also can prescribe medication that will help treat the underlying problem and relieve the itching.

Anti-fungal medications such as miconazole, clotrimazole, and tioconazole are available over the counter. The strength of these medications varies, as does the treatment length. Treatments that contain tioconazole can usually effectively relieve yeast infection itching and clear up the infection within one day, while miconazole treatments may take up to a week to clear the infection and relieve itching. Many over-the-counter remedies combine a suppository that is inserted into the vagina with a topical cream to soothe external itching.

Fluconazole is a prescription oral medication that clears up yeast infections and relieves itching. A person cannot get fluconazole without first seeing her doctor. One dose is all that is needed to clear up the infection. While fluconazole is quick and effective, it does has some potential side effects, including nausea and stomach pain.


Some women find that eating yogurt that contains live cultures or taking a probiotic supplement helps relieve yeast infection itching, especially if they develop the infection while on antibiotics. Lactobacillus acidophilus, a beneficial bacterium commonly found in yogurt or supplements, helps kill off excess Candida, which is the yeast that causes infections. A person may find that applying lactobacillus acidophilus or yogurt directly to the vagina also will relieve itching, though there haven't been enough medical studies done to prove that topically applying yogurt is effective.

Other home remedies to relieve yeast infection itching include taking a garlic pill or inserting a clove of garlic, wrapped in gauze, into the vagina. Some people claim that boric acid suppositories, douching with vinegar or using a tea tree oil cream are also effective at relieving such itching. It is recommended that a person check with her doctor before trying any home remedies, especially if she has another condition or is pregnant.

Certain treatments will help relieve yeast infection itching and may prevent a recurrence of the infection. Practicing good hygiene but avoiding irritants such as perfumes and soap, which can make itching worse, also can help. Placing a cool cloth on the itching area also may be of benefit.


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Post 3

@anamur-- I don't think that's a good idea. I know some people use creams with tea tree oil as a yeast infection remedy. It's not such a bad idea considering that tea tree oil has strong anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties and can treat skin.

But the oil itself shouldn't be used, especially when it's not diluted with another ingredient because it will irritate skin. Especially not on a sensitive area like the genitals.

Also, don't use any remedy oil or cream for yeast infection itching without testing it on your arm or hand first. You might have allergies you don't know about.

Post 2

Can I use tee tree oil instead of the cream?

Post 1
I don't remember the name right now, but my doctor gave me a great prescription ointment to stop yeast infection itching the last time I suffered from one.

I was already using an anti-fungal but unfortunately, those creams do little for itching which is the worst part of a yeast infection in my opinion. The anti-itch ointment I used was formulated specifically for the itching caused by yeast. It would work within minutes, it was very good.

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