How can I Reduce Liposuction Swelling?

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Swelling is one of the main side effects of liposuction, but the good news is that there are a few methods that can relieve this issue shortly after surgery. You will likely be prescribed medications that can help reduce inflammation, though some drugs purchased over-the-counter can assist in swelling relief, as well. Wearing the compression garments that you should be given can also be useful in dealing with swelling after liposuction. Finally, know that diet often has a lot to do with the amount of liposuction swelling, as drinking enough water and avoiding salt when possible can keep the body free of excessive inflammation.

You should come home from the surgery armed with prescription medication to help deal with the pain. In most cases, the pain reliever also includes an anti-inflammatory ingredient to help keep liposuction swelling down. If this medication alone does not seem to affect your swelling, or you run out of it quickly, you can typically purchase additional anti-inflammatory drugs over-the-counter at most grocery stores. Be sure to ask your doctor before taking any medications just after surgery, as he may be able to suggest another method of swelling relief if he advises against additional drugs.


Of course, you should also be supplied with a compression garment after liposuction, which is an item of clothing that is meant to fit tightly around the incision site. The point of the compression garment is typically to help protect the incision as it heals, but it also relieves inflammation as it keeps pressure on the affected areas. You should wear it for as long as your doctor advises, noting that the length of time required typically depends on the type of liposuction you get. For example, open-drainage liposuction usually requires patients to wear the garment for a few days after surgery, while a procedure in which stitches are used to close the incision can result in the patient wearing the garment for weeks in order to relieve liposuction swelling.

One further way to reduce liposuction swelling on your own is to drink plenty of water, as this will encourage your body to continually rid itself of excess fluids. On the other hand, cutting back on salt while you heal is often advised if you want to keep swelling down since sodium is known for promoting the body to retain water. Note that many processed and frozen foods often contain a lot of hidden sodium, so just cutting salty chips out of the diet is not usually enough to reduce liposuction swelling. In general, staying hydrated and eating healthily are two natural methods of relieving swelling after liposuction.


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