How can I Properly Dispose of a Computer Monitor?

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Many people aren’t aware that there is a certain way to properly dispose of a computer monitor. Many leave monitors by the curb only to let them end up in local landfills. This practice is of great concern because computer monitors contain materials that are considered hazardous waste. When you do not dispose of the monitor properly, these materials can seep into the ground, damaging both the soil and ground water, in addition to posing other dangers.

Depending on where you live, the process may not be as simple as leaving it on your curb. Environmentalists and others will encourage you to take the extra step or steps to properly dispose of this hazardous waste. How you should dispose of it will depend on the services available in your area.

To learn how to dispose of a computer monitor, start by checking with your local Chamber of Commerce or other local agencies that work with environmental or waste disposal for details. In some areas, there are programs to help. You may be able to get rid of the monitor during a citywide clean up week. Cities sometimes organize days or weeks where residents may put waste, including hazardous waste like computer monitors, on their curbs for pick up and proper disposal by the city. To find out if your city provides this service, check out their website. You might also be able to find information through state or regional agencies or official websites.


If you aren’t up for dealing with bureaucracy in order to dispose of a computer monitor, look online for companies that offer monitor disposal or computer monitor recycling. Check your public phone book for local or regional private businesses that offer these services. Be aware that many only offer business-to-business services or only accept monitors in large quantities. Find out if they work with consumers and accept one or two monitors at a time before traveling to their location or paying shipping charges to send off your monitor.

There are companies that work with individuals, so make sure you find the right one. They usually charge a fee to dispose of a computer monitor, and the cost of shipping will also be your responsibility. It can be costly to do the right thing and properly get rid of a monitor, but when compared to the cost of harming our environment, many find that it's worth it.


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Post 5

You can drop it off at Goodwill. They will recycle it or refurbish it.

Post 3

frankjoseph- As usual California leads the way in progress. My husband and I were curious as to what to do with this old, huge monitor we replaced with a flat screen monitor? The monitor is not nearly as clear, but still works so we decided to donate it to the Salvation Army.

In Arizona we receive a list of items not appropriate to discard like car batteries, but computer monitors have not made that list as of yet. I can see there being a charge for a disposal fee, just as when you turn in other items like old tires.

Post 2

Thanks for this very helpful article. I just bought a new monitor and have to dispose of my old one. In buying the first monitor, I was charged an extra $16 monitor disposal fee. (I think that charge only applies to California residents...though that charge might be coming to your state too.) For that tax, shouldn't someone come and pick up my monitor?

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