How can I Prevent Eyelash Loss?

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Eyelash loss, or thinning eyelashes, is a fairly common problem that can be caused by a number of things. For that reason, the first step to preventing eyelash loss is to determine why you are losing eyelashes in the first place. Begin by considering any recent changes to diet or skincare products used.

If you've recently switched to a new cosmetic product for the eyes, such as mascara, eyeliner, or eyeshadow, it is possible that you are having an allergic reaction, and that is causing the eyelash loss. New facial products can also cause an allergic reaction, such as a new eye cream or face powder. If you've recently switched, stop using the product and see if the eyelashes stop falling out.

Diet can be another cause of eyelash loss. Nutritional deficiency can quickly lead to hair loss, as well as eating an extremely calorie-restricted diet. It is important to get enough calories and protein in the diet, and to lose weight slowly to avoid adverse affects such as these.


If none of these are the cause, it is a good idea to visit a physician who can rule out other underlying medical causes for hair loss; these include thyroid issues, autoimmune diseases, or hormonal imbalances, among others. Treating an underlying medical cause should help the eyelash loss issue to resolve itself. A dermatologist may be able to prescribe a drug to encourage the regrowth of eyelashes, but these often have unpleasant side effects as well, so be sure to research it thoroughly.

If none of these issues seem to be the problem, and eyelash loss continues, it may simply be your behavior. If you frequently wear waterproof mascara and are forced to scrub at the eyes to remove it, this can cause eyelashes to fall out. Additionally, using an eyelash curler can also pull out the eyelashes. Instead, use a gentle makeup remover that does not require scrubbing to remove long-wearing mascara, and avoid the use of an eyelash curler every day.

Once eyelash loss has been stopped, eyelashes should grow back within a few months. In that time, eyeliner and eyeshadow may be used to make the loss less noticeable, and false eyelashes may be applied if necessary. It is important to apply fake eyelashes carefully to make them look more natural. In addition, be sure you are not allergic to the glue used in false eyelashes, which can exacerbate the eyelash problem you already have.


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Post 3

@turquoise-- I had the same problem a few months ago. I was using the wrong type of makeup remover and would have to scrub my eyes to remove the makeup. You need to use a makeup remover that's oil based, those remove makeup most effectively and easily. You can actually use natural oils such as almond oil to remove your makeup. Those tend to be more gentle.

I recommend taking a break from eye makeup for at least a week to let the eyelashes recuperate. If you have mascaras and eyeliners that have expired, throw them out. Eye infections and allergies can also cause eyelash loss.

Post 2

@turquoise-- Do you have any skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis? Or are you taking any medications? These can cause loss of hair and eyelashes and treating the underlying condition can prevent further eyelash loss.

Post 1

I lose many eyelashes when I'm removing my eye makeup. I use a gentle eye makeup cleanser and I don't apply much pressure while cleansing. But while I am removing eye liner and mascara, I see a bunch of eyelashes coming off onto the cotton ball.

I though I had an allergy to the makeup remover and bought a new one, but nothing has changed. How can I prevent eyelash loss while cleaning makeup?

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