How can I Prepare the Perfect Wedding Toast?

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Preparing a wedding toast doesn't have to be a struggle. Even the shyest person can have a great time when the time comes by following a simple set of rules as they are writing and presenting theirtoast.

The first step to a great wedding toast is to be prepared. Do not expect to come up with something on the spot: nerves or indecision can play a big role and leave you lost for words. Always write the toast well in advance, and make sure you practice reading it aloud, even before a mirror. If you are uncomfortable speaking in front of people, keep the toast short. Try to appear confident, even if you're not. Stand up straight, relax your shoulders, and don't fidget. Avoid drinking until your speech is over, and use a calm, clear voice. How you deliver the speech is almost as important as what you say.It's not how much you speak, but how meaningful your words are what matters.

When creating a wedding toast, remember that many of the people at the reception will not know you, so make sure you start by introducing yourself. A brief "I'm Jeff, the groom's old college roommate" is enough. It's not the time to talk about your life story, so refrain from giving too many details about yourself unless they have some kind of connection with the bride or groom.


When preparing the wedding toast, there are also some don'ts to keep in mind. Avoid embarrassing comments. Insider jokes may be funny to people with closer ties, but once they become public, they tend to be out of place. Under no circumstance spill secrets. Don't forget to praise the couple somehow. Make a comment about how well they match, or how they complement each other. Don't go on and on, but do have some words of congratulation. Don't make yourself the center of attention. The wedding toast is not about you and your relationship with the couple; it's about what you know about them and why they should be together.


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I would definitely suggest not consuming a large amount of alcohol before giving the toast. Unfortunately, that happened at my sister’s wedding. It was a beautiful ceremony. Everyone was having a great time drinking champagne and dancing. The best man got up to give the wedding toast and it did not go as planned. He had actually practiced his speech all week long.

When he stood up, he fell over. Once he got up, he went on to talk about things that he and the groom had done in college that should not have been discussed among others. He completely humiliated my sister and her new husband.

I would highly recommend doing the toast before the drinking starts.

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