How can I Prepare for a Visit to the Chiropractor?

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Since chiropractic medicine involves hands-on treatment and manipulation, it is imperative that you make yourself as relaxed as possible before you visit the chiropractor. Gently stretch out your muscles until they feel more limber. Take a long shower or a good soak in the tub. Do some deep breathing exercises, or anything else that makes your body and mind feel more relaxed.

Also, try to arrive a bit early for your appointment with the chiropractor so you can shake off any stress you might have acquired during the drive. You might even want to ask someone else to drive you. Breathe deeply and clear your mind of all worries or concerns. The chance to sit quietly for a few moments before your appointment can make a big difference in how well your treatment goes.

When the chiropractor attempts to perform manipulations or adjustments, stiffness and tension will hinder the process. The chiropractor may not be able to conduct as much treatment as he or she feels is necessary, or the treatments may prove painful. You will also be sore much longer after treatments if you are not properly relaxed.


Another thing that you can do to prepare for a visit to the chiropractor is to make a list of questions you would like to ask. Writing down your questions will help you to remember them. Otherwise, you may get distracted during treatment and forget. For example, you might ask how many visits the chiropractor thinks are necessary, how often they should occur, and if there are any exercises you can do between visits that may help you heal faster.

Also, check with your health insurance provider to make sure that visits to the chiropractor are covered on your plan. Some providers see visiting a chiropractor as an alternative form of medicine and do not include it in their coverage. If chiropractic is included, make sure the specific chiropractor you want to see is in the network. In addition, make sure a visit to the chiropractor does not require a referral from you primary physician in order to be eligible for payment.


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