How can I Organize Bills?

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Taking the time to organize bills doesn't have to take long. Even though computers eliminate some paperwork today, bills in paper form still tend to pile up. Plus, even if you pay bills online you should print out and save the receipts. Preparing to organize bills is as simple as having a cardboard file box, some file folders, a stapler, and a marking pen.

First, concentrate on your fixed expenses: bills that are the same each month, such as your rent or mortgage payment. If you rent, keep a folder marked Rent for your rent receipts, your lease, and any other paperwork such as a rent increase form. You can staple rent receipts together in groups of 12 so that each stapled group is one year. If you own your home, a folder marked Mortgage can help you keep track of your payments.

Other fixed expenses to have a folder for include any bill payment that you pay in a set amount such as a regular monthly car payment. Organize bills in the folders and, when you pay a bill, write the date you paid the bill on it. Also note your method of payment and any confirmation number. Be sure to keep all bill-related correspondence in the files. This way you can have the contact information when you need it and see the details such as your interest rate.


After the folders for your fixed expenses, include a folder for all of your other bills. Staple receipts to these and note payments on them. Every time you open a bill, just add it to your file box. Be sure to check all the paperwork in the box every week at a set time so that you don't forget to pay anything. When you organize bills, you need to be able to always keep them paid with the receipts and payment noted. A set time for paying your bills plus a file box to organize bills should help you keep your finances better-organized.


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