How can I Make Slime?

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Homemade slime is relatively easy and quick to make, and it can entertain the kids for hours. That’s always a plus as the weather turns colder and more damp, keeping the children inside the house for longer periods of time. Not only that, but you'll be able make slime with a minimal amount of ingredients.

To make slime, you’ll need borax powder, water, white glue, a teaspoon, a bowl, a jar, and a measuring cup. You might want to include food coloring in the list so you can make slime the color you prefer. Bear in mind that food coloring may stain clothes and furniture, so be careful play with colored slime carefully.

To create your slime, pour 4 ounces (120 ml) of glue into a jar. Mix in another 4 ounces (120 ml) of water. If you're interested in making colored slime, you'll need to add a few drops of food coloring. If you don't add food color, your slime will be white in color.

In a separate cup, mix one cup of water (240 ml) into a bowl with one teaspoon (5 ml) of borax powder. You should be able find borax powder in the laundry aisle of your grocery store. Slowly add the glue and water mixture to the borax solution, while continually stirring. This will form the slime, which you should knead in your hands until it feels dry. The more you knead it, the less sticky it will be.


After you make slime, you'll need to properly store it to prevent it from developing mold. A resealable plastic bag or container in the refrigerator is a good option. It's important to note that borax is toxic in large doses, so you'll want to be careful to keep the borax, and the resulting slime, away from small children who might be inclined to put it in their mouths. When choosing your glue, use white glue, like Elmer’s®. Not all glues have the right ingredients to properly make slime.

Slime is fun to squeeze, stretch, pull, and pinch. It’s perfect for Halloween favors and would be great hanging over the edge of a cauldron in your Halloween display. So enjoy, be creative, have fun, but be sure not to let the kids feed it to the dog or their younger siblings. Having the kids wash their hands when they’re done playing, would be a good precaution.


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