How can I Make Money Selling Crafts?

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If you are a crafter and you love what you do, you will, at some point, consider the idea of selling crafts and earning a small income from your passion. If you want to sell crafts, however, there are some steps you need to follow to make sure the journey is trouble-free and enjoyable.

The first step to sell crafts is to make sure you have a product people want. This may sound simpler than it actually is. To sell crafts, not only does your product need to look professional but it also needs to be original. Of course the requirements vary whether you are making jewelry or wood statues, but the basics still apply. You may have an easier time selling small items that have only decorative value than trying to sell an expensive, extravagant painted table.

Once you have decided to sell crafts, you need a marketing plan. You don't have to create anything too complex. A simple sheet of paper outlining your goals, marketing strategies, prices, and shipping or transportation will be enough. If you want to sell crafts only locally, you need to find a place for it; if you want to sell nationally, you should investigate options such as eBay or other online markets.


When it comes to making a profit, you can always sell crafts with enough of a markup to make it through, but remember that starting small and creating a base clientele is more important than selling a few items at a higher price. Repeat customers are often the bread and butter of crafters. Don't neglect keeping in touch with people who have bought something from you in the past.

There are many ways to profit from your talents without having to sell crafts directly to customers. If you are creative, you can probably teach others, write articles or eBooks on the subject, or even sell your patterns and designs rather than the actual crafts. Don't get locked into one single idea. The secret of a successful crafter is often in diversifying.


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Anon35924- You can sell you crafts at Etsy or maybe Ebay.

Etsy lets artists submit their crafts and people bid on the work. There are also forums and blogs where you can trade ideas with other artists.

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How can I show my crafts on the internet??

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