How can I Make Ice Cream Cake?

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Ice cream cake is a wonderful dessert option for many types of occasions. The cake works well for birthday parties, office parties and even as something a little special for a weekend cookout at home. An ice cream cake is usually composed of a blend of ice cream with layers of traditional cake, although some versions are completely made with ice cream. While it is possible to purchase an ice cream cake, it is also possible to make an ice cream cake at home with very little effort. Here is a very simple recipe that just about anyone can make.

Before you begin to make ice cream cake, it is important to prepare the freezer to receive the finished product. About an hour before you begin to work on the ice cream cake, make sure you have a level spot for the cake. Also set the freezer on the coldest setting possible. This will create the perfect environment to house the cake until it is time to serve your creation.

For the first step, prepare a boxed cake mix according to the usual baking instructions. Make sure to divide the batter evenly between two pans. Bake the layers at the temperature and for the amount of time indicated in the instructions. Before removing the cake pans from the oven, use a toothpick to pierce the middle of the layers and make sure they are completely done.


After allowing the cake to cool for several minutes, remove the baked layers from the pans and place them on a cooling rack. It is very important that the layers be completely cool before continuing to make ice cream cake. Once the layers have reached at least room temperature, you can begin applying the ice cream.

In order to make ice cream cake, you need to be able to spread the ice cream in a fashion that is very similar to spreading frosting. This means you should allow the ice cream to soften slightly after removing it from the freezer. A good way to obtain the right consistency is to remove the ice cream from its container and place it into a large mixing bowl. After a few minutes, use a spatula to slowly whip the ice cream until you can spread it evenly. Once the ice cream is the proper consistency, you can continue to make ice cream cake.

Once you begin to apply the ice cream, it is important to move quickly. Place the first layer of cake on a freezer safe cake plate. Quickly “ice” the top of the layer, using roughly one quart of the ice cream. This will make a thick layer of ice cream that will float between the actual cake layers. Add the second cake layer and repeat the process, adding extra ice cream to the top of the cake. Whip the remaining ice cream until it is more or less the consistency of regular cake icing and apply it to the sides of the cake.

Once the basic cake is completed, use the spatula to smooth the surface of the ice cream. Quickly move the ice cream cake into the freezer and allow the ice cream to harden. Allow at least one hour of freezer time before removing to serve the cake, although some additional time may be required in some climates.

The great thing is you can make ice cream cake using any combination of ice cream and cake layers that you like. You can also decorate the top of the cake for special occasions such as a holiday or a unique birthday dessert. If you wish to add other decorations made with traditional cake icing, allow the basic cake to remain in the freezer for an hour. Prepare the icing rosettes or other designs in advance. Remove the cake long enough to add the decorations, then return the finished product to the freezer until serving time.

You can make ice cream cake with only a little more effort than making a traditional cake. The end result will be something a little different, and is certain to be a welcome surprise for everyone when the cake is cut.


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@dinoleash: There are several different ways to make ice cream sandwiches. Sometimes I make truly homemade ones and other times, I cheat a little.

This is my “cheat” version.

You can either bake some homemade cookies or buy some from your local grocery stores’ bakery. If you make them, try to make them a little larger than what you normally would. If you make your cookies, make sure that they are completely cooled before moving to the next step.

After they are cooled, take the ice cream of your choice and scoop out one scoop. Sandwich that in between two of the cookies. You can judge how big your scoop of ice cream needs to be after you do the first one. It takes trial and error.

Store them in the freezer until ready to serve.

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Does anyone know how to make ice cream sandwiches?

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