How can I Maintain a Waterbed?

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Taking proper care of a waterbed is a little different from maintaining other types of beds. There are actually several easy steps to follow in order to maintain a waterbed efficiently. Here is some information about waterbed maintenance that should be routinely performed in order to get the most out of any waterbed.

One of the basic steps employed to maintain a waterbed over a long period of time is to make sure that water conditioner is used within the bladder. The conditioner helps to prevent the buildup of mold and algae on the interior of the bladder. In addition, the conditioner helps to keep the water from beginning to emit a slight odor. Many manufacturers of waterbeds recommend adding the conditioner at least once every six months.

Along with periodic conditioning of the water, it is also a good idea to flush out the bladder once a year, and certainly at least once every couple of years. This can be accomplished with the aid of a drain & fill kit. Removing the old water and flushing the bed with warm soapy water also helps to remove particles that could eventually weaken the bladder. Once the interior of the bladder is flushed, simple refill with clean water and add a small amount of conditioner.


While the bladder is drained, make it a point to check the hardware on the bed frame. This is one aspect that many people overlook when they maintain a waterbed. Make sure the screws are secure, that all braces and brackets are still aligned properly, and that the frame is sound. Make sure to correct any problems before refilling the bladder.

Also, it is important to check the heater as part of the regular routine to maintain a waterbed. In most cases, the heating element is found underneath the bladder, so the ideal time to check on the status is after draining the bed and before refilling the bladder. Look for any signs of lumps on the heater assembly, as well as any signs of scorch marks. If there appears to be any problem with the heater, do not reassemble the bed. Replace the heater first.

Part of the routine to properly maintain a waterbed should include periodic inspections of the exterior of the bladder. Be alert to any areas that may appear to show signs of wear. The use of a waterbed patch will usually take care of any small issues. While instructions for applying waterbed patches vary somewhat, most of them are very simple to apply and do not require a lot of time to create a tight seal.


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