How can I Look Younger?

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There are plenty of ways to look younger, and many simply turn to their neighborhood plastic surgeon for help in this matter. While this a viable way to capture a little youth, not all people are interested in surgical techniques and some people can’t afford the high expense of the many procedures offered by doctors. Even without surgery or injections, there are ways to look years younger.

You might start, though, by seeing your dentist. If your teeth have yellowed with age, consider teeth whitening. You can either do this at home with many products, or you can pay about $200-600 US Dollars (USD) for professional teeth whitening. Yellow and stained teeth are frequently a sign of age, and receding gums due to poor dental care can make you look older too. Having regular dental cleanings and keeping your teeth white will help you look younger.

Many people make the mistake of using tons of makeup to cover up signs of age. Actually most beauty experts recommend that you use lighter foundations, and lighter colors to look younger. Heavier makeup may sit in your wrinkles and laugh lines and really doesn’t do a good job concealing age. However a little makeup can brighten the face, and you may especially want to choose a little mascara and lip gloss to give you brighter eyes and fuller lips.


Skin care is also important. First, stay out of the sun, since sun damage to the skin makes you look older. A good moisturizer and even just washing the face in cold water may help keep the skin from getting dry. Skin care also comes from within, so pursuing a healthy diet rich in vitamins and minerals may help you to look younger. Quit smoking if you smoke, since smoking contributes to skin aging and yellowing of the skin.

How you wear your hair may influence how young or old you look. Brighter highlights around the face promote youthfulness, especially when they look natural. If you’re wearing a hair design from several decades ago, you can often look younger simply by getting an updated haircut. Old styles can date us, and a new cut can do wonders for appearance.

Similarly, what you wear can also help you look younger. Give up the styles of the past, and find styles of today that suit you. Invest in support undergarments, especially bras, that offer you lift and comfort. By dressing in modern fashion, especially that designed for the average woman or man, you’ll have a newer, fresher look. Sometimes a new haircut, and some new clothing choices alone, can go a considerable way in helping you look younger.

Perhaps two of the most essential ways to look younger are to get adequate sleep and to reduce stress. If your life is stressful, look for ways to simplify it, and ways you can get support to cope. You should really aim for eight hours of sleep a night, since chronic exhaustion makes us look older.

With these simple tips, you may not look like a teenager again, but you can certainly look and feel younger. Another key is enjoying your life. When we are happy, we frequently are aglow with this feeling, and our appearance and good feelings will communicate to others what a good thing life at any age can be.


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