How can I Learn to Give Good Massages?

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Many people want to be able to give good massages, either because they are interested in pursuing a career in massage therapy or because they simply want to please friends and partners. Depending on what you would like to do with your massage skills, there are a number of ways to learn how to give good massages ranging from special workshops to professional massage schools. Whatever your end goals are, improving massage skills also tends to make people more healthy and balanced themselves, as they learn about how to take care the body.

If you would like to learn to give good massages on a casual or friendly basis, and have no intention of marketing your skills or working as a massage therapist, consider massage classes. Many areas offer workshops for people interested in exploring massage, and you will learn basic anatomy and techniques, as well as being able to practice your new skills in a controlled environment with an instructor. Around Valentine's Day, many spas offer special massage workshops for couples which might include basic body treatments like scrubs as well for a unique massage experience. Workshops are a great way to learn how to give good massages, and are often very affordable as well.


It is important to attend a class or work with an instructor while you learn to give good massages. Although friendly and casual massages can be great, an instructor can show you new techniques and also show you how to prevent injury, especially with deeper work. People who are not acquainted with anatomy may inadvertently cause pain or severe injury, and the best way to learn anatomical skills is in a classroom with an instructor. Avoid the temptation of relying solely on a massage book, although there are many great texts out there to help you give good massages.

If you would like to become a massage therapist and work professionally, you will need to attend a massage school. Requirements for practice vary widely from area to area, so make sure to research the relevant laws where you live so that you can practice legally. Massage schools have programs ranging from two week intensives to two year residential programs, and focus on a variety of massage techniques including acupressure, Watsu, shiatsu, trigger point, deep tissue, and traditional Swedish style along with anatomy and general physical health.

In both cases, the best way to learn to give good massages is to practice them. You can usually find ample volunteers, but it is important to work on people who will give you positive, constructive feedback. Make sure that your practice bodies know that it is important to communicate with you about pressure and how the massage feels, and that you will deeply value a critique of the session. With a little bit of training and a lot of practice, you will be able to give good massages that will leave your willing victims crying out for more.


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Post 4

The best massages I have every got came from athletic trainers when I was playing sports. If you're looking for a sexual massage this is not the way to go, but trainers really know what they are doing. What I liked most was the firm pressure they applied.

Post 3

More men should take a few classes in how to give good massages, so they can learn how to pleasure a woman. Nothing puts me in the mood for sex like a good massage. They help me to relax and they give me energy at the same time. If someone can make you feel really good then you are more than willing to return the favor.

Post 2

When I read the last paragraph of this article I immediately thought about a lady I worked with for a couple years. I had a stiff neck one day at work and I was sitting at my desk rotating my neck and grimacing. She noticed and offered to massage my neck and shoulders.

I have notice that many people think they are better at giving massages than they actually are. Some massages make matters worse, so I wasn't sure about letting her show me her skills. She told me that all of her friends and her coworkers let her massage them and they always told her that she knew how to give good massages. As it turned out she

was very good.

I think if you have a chance of making a good massage therapist then you probably already know it before you sign up for classes. Your friends and family have probably already let you know. The lady I worked with later became a professional massage therapist.

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