How can I Learn How to Repair a Bicycle?

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

There are a number of different ways to learn how to repair a bicycle, either for the maintenance of your own bike or to help out friends. Many people find that reading a book or looking online can give them the information they need. Others take a class or learn on the job, at a sales or repair shop.

Bike repair courses sometimes teach how to handle an on-road breakdown.
Bike repair courses sometimes teach how to handle an on-road breakdown.

Perhaps the quickest method to getting the hang of bicycle repair is to head to a library or bookstore and pick up a book on how to repair a bicycle. Most of these types of instructional books come with step-by-step descriptions that are accompanied by illustrations. You also will learn early on what type of tools are needed to maintain and repair your bike. In addition, there are many online videos and informational web sites that will provide similar information.

The advantage of these methods is that you can learn how to repair a bike on your own time schedule, devoting as much or as little time to the endeavor as you can. You can pick up a used bicycle to practice on as you go through various projects outlined in the bike repair material or site. This type of learn by doing activity works well for people who tend to retain information by walking through the steps personally, rather than memorizing what they see or hear.

Another option is to look into classes at the local vocational or trade school. As bike riding has become more popular the last few years, courses in how to repair a bicycle have become more common. Generally, these classes are short-term, with six to eight sessions to attend. This is an ideal option for anyone who wants to learn bike repair, but would feel more comfortable doing so in a group setting.

A third option is to learn how to repair bicycles by getting a part time job at a bicycle shop. Here you can learn all about making the usual adjustments, performing bike maintenance, changing out tires and tubes, adjusting or replacing brake pads, and all the other small details. The bonus to this type of learning situation is that experienced coworkers can interact with you on a one-one-one basis, much like a mentoring situation. This casual approach will teach you a lot about bicycles, and also let you earn a few extra dollars at the same time.

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

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The most amazing thing about bicycles is that they are such effective means of transportation while also being very simple machines. I was always a little confused about how bikes worked until I watched a friend of mine take one completely apart and put it back together. Once you see how all the parts work together it is amazingly simple.


You can find lots of helpful tutorials for how to repair bike brakes online. There are both videos and step by step guides and many of them are customized for the various makes and models of bikes.

You can also learn how to repair a bicycle tire, fix a bent wheel or swap out your handle bars. There are several really big, really good biking communities online where you can get an answer to almost any question.


A lot of big cities, and even some small towns have some kind of bicycle cooperative where you can get cheap bike parts and cheap bike repairs. I know that the one I go to has totally free repairs for three hours each week and a lot of the basic parts they will give you for free.

They are all about spreading the love and the knowledge of bicycles. For that reason they are really eager to teach. I went in with an old bike that I had no idea how to fix and now I do all my own repairs at home. I am not an expert but they taught me enough to do almost any basic job myself.

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