How can I Learn How to be a Handyman?

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There are several ways to learn how to be a handyman, from self-education around the house to professional training and apprenticing. Many handymen have special training in a few trades such as electrical engineering or plumbing, but develop personal interest in other pursuits such as house painting or automotive repair. Mechanical aptitude is a good skill to have in order to do the job, and even if the project is not in his or her area of expertise, he or she will often take it on for the learning experience.

One way to be a handyman is to enroll in vocational classes at a local college or training center. Many degrees can be earned with fewer than two years of study, and graduates often find work immediately. These classes are usually taught by established professionals who can offer real-world insight and guidance. Courses may include some hands-on repair work as well as examinations of building codes and certification requirements. Graduates of one course may also decide to cross-train in other vocational fields.

If your goals don't include professional certification, quite often a local community education center will offer mini-courses on common home repairs. These short classes may introduce you to the different tools needed to perform a wide range of home repairs. Some home improvement centers will also offer public classes on household repairs or the latest advances in tools and building materials. These retail outlets also offer a wide assortment of do-it-yourself books.


Another way to learn how to be a handyman is to volunteer with a charitable organization, such as Habitat for Humanity, that does home building and repairs. Licensed professionals in all aspects of home construction perform the work covered by the building permit, but volunteers do much of the support work. If you're looking for a well-rounded education, you can work with an electrician one day and a plumber the next. As the project draws to a close, you could help install carpeting or put a final coat of paint on the exterior. Volunteer projects are a good way to experience all of the aspects of the job without the need to be certified.


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Post 21

Go to Job Corps, if you're 16-24.

Post 19

ACHP is the handyman trade association I recommend to those looking to be part of a serious handyman group. Kudos to those who came up with the idea to better the industry. They are also a non-profit. Hopefully, they can help to regulate the handyman industry. We need it.

Post 18

I have to agree with the previous post. The association of certified handyman professionals -- a.k.a. ACHP -- is legit and great for the handyman industry. They been around since 2009 and several handyman associations since then have copied ACHP. I am a member as well and participate in their achp handyman insurance program.

If you're looking to better your handyman or home inspection business, then I would seriously consider joining this handyman association.

Post 17

I too joined the association of certified handyman professionals back in 2010. It definitely helped with my handyman business and credibility. I learned a lot particularly how to become a handyman through them. Just my handyman certification alone has garnered many jobs. Be careful though for the other fake organizations that have copied them. They are the original handyman association. Good luck to all.

Post 13

i would like to learn to be a handyman training class. Are there any handyman schools in Las Vegas?

Post 12

I am older adult who wants on-the-job handyman training from the scratch. Is there any company in Fort-Worth Texas who can help?

Post 11

Not only should you get the proper training but just as important become certified. I became certified with the association of certified handyman professionals. I believe they're the only handyman association in the country that actually has real handyman members. They're pretty good organization with a lot of good information and benefits for its members.

Post 10

I would like to learn how to be a handyman. Are there any schools in the st pete, florida area?

Post 9

I would like to take handyman training. Do we have any training schools in the Pomona, Ca. area?

Post 8

Any training in Santa Rosa, CA?

Post 7

I would like to take handyman training? Do we have any training schools in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. area?

Post 5

Hi, I would like to take handyman training? Do we have any training schools in Atlanta, GA?

Post 4

hi, i would like to take handyman training you have schools in providence,ri?

Post 3

Hi, I would like to take handyman training? Do we have any training schools in sherman oaks CA. area?

Post 1

Hi, I would like to take handyman training? Do we have any training schools in Woodbrdige township, New Jersey ?

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